Bloodborne Pathogens/Tuberculosis On-line Training Instructions

A.        Course access:

1.         Log onto Moodle USA web site:

2.         First time users must register at the web site (registered users go to #6).

3.         To do so, select “Create new account” button on the right side and provide all requested information.

4.         Check your USA e-mail account for a verification link and follow instructions.

5.         When prompted for an enrollment key, enter the one given to you by your department clinical coordinator/preceptor using all lower case letters.

6.        Locate Dr. Ravine's Courses and select either CAHP Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training 2013-14 or CAHP Tuberculosis (TB) Training 2013-14 module.

B.        Training modules:

1.         Open the training module listed under Topic outline.  Review information and only then complete the associated Quiz.

2.         Submit your quiz for grading and review your results, then select "Submit all and finish"

3.         Review your results and then select "Finish review" under Quiz navigation (left)

4.         Print out the "Summary of your previous attempts" and give it to your department program coordinator or other designated individual (e.g., department secretary). 

            Alternately, if you do not have a printer readily available you can perform a "screen capture" of you results page by simultaneously holding down the ALT and PRTSC (print screen) keys.  You can then paste this image into a word processor document and save it for later printing.

5.        You'll have a total of 3 attempts to score 80% or above to successfully complete training.