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The PT faculty each has their own web pages, including information about the courses they teach, their research interests, and anything else they wish to share.

Because many of our courses are team taught, the assignment of faculty members to a particular subject area understates their involvement in the program.



Dennis Fell, PT, MD, Chair
Professor & Chair
Pathophysiology & Neuroscience
Neurology PT Examination & Intervention

Dr. Fell's Summary Bio

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Joseph M. Day, PhD, MSPT, OCS, CIMT
Assistant Professor
Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Medical Screening

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Coral Gubler, PT, PhD, ATC
Associate Professor
Exercise Physiology, Therapeutic Exercise


Glenn Irion, PhD, PT,CWS
Cardiopulmonary, Integumentary, Pathophysiology, Neuroscience

Dr. Irion's Summary Bio

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Jean Irion, EdD, PT, SCS, ATC
Aquatic, Women's Health, Sports, Industrial

Dr. Irion's Bio


Elizabeth 'Elisa' Kennedy, PT, PhD, PCS
Associate Professor
Human Development, Pediatrics, Neurologic PT


Laura White, PT, MS, GCS, DScPT
Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education
Electrophysical Agents

Dr. White's Summary Bio

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Associated Faculty


Inna Shokolenko, PhD
Assistant Professor
Human Anatomy, Neuroscience

Dr. Shokolenko's Bio

Part-Time Faculty


Kareaion Eaton, PT, DPT
Adjunct Instructor (part-time)
PT Skills, Orthotics/prosthetics, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation


Diane Pitts, PT, DPT, RN, BSN
Adjunct Instructor (part time)
Therapeutic Exercise,Medical Screening, Neurology, Pathophysiology


Chris Stewart PT, DPT
Adjunct Instructor (part-time)
Applied Anatomy, Electrophysical Agents

Emeritus Faculty


Charles Gray, DPT
Professor Emeritus
Functional Anatomy


James C Wall, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Gait Analysis

Visiting Faculty


Dr Kyoung Kim
Visiting International Professor
From Daegu University Physical Therapy Program
in Daegu, South Korea


University of South Alabama Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions Department of Physical Therapy