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Policies and Procedures

Click here for the Policies & Procedures for the Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions Professional Doctoral Programs.

Click here to download the current version of the PT Student Handbook.

College of Allied Health Student Policies and procedures, including the Professional Behavior Policy are available at http://www.southalabama.edu/alliedhealth/links.html.

Our Students in the News and in Action

Taylor Price
(DPT Class of 2017) was a platform presenter at the National Collegiate Honors Council 2014 Conference in Denver, CO in November 2014.  Her honors research, supervised by Dr Coral Gubler, was titled "Assessment of a New Training Model for the Reduction of Non-Contact ACL Injuries in Female Athletes".

Rush Hendricks - Balancing Act - Hendricks Concentrates on Senior Season, PT Graduate School

Jeremy Fletcher (Class of 2010) serving our country as a military PT in Afghanistan.

Darlene Williams (Class of 2014) on the WKBN27 news as a student PT at work in a Youngstown, OH clinic.

Alicia Miles (Class of 2012) as a student in Pediatric Physical Therapy LLC in the Mobile Press Register treating a young patient with transverse myelitis. Click here to view article.

Faculty Mentor Program

Each faculty member has been assigned a small number of students for a personal mentor program. If you have difficulties with course work you should contact the individual coursemaster first. Further assistance can be obtained by consultation with your Faculty Mentor. In addition, your Faculty Mentor can assist you with problems that you may be experiencing elsewhere with your studies. The University offers a comprehensive list of Student Counseling Services if needed. We strongly advise you to contact your Faculty Mentor each Semester to discuss your performance in each course. In this way, we can assist you before serious problems develop. For the coming year, the student Faculty Mentors are displayed on the PT I Notice Board in the Student Lounge foyer.

Class Liaison

Following the election of a number of Class Officers to conduct the various activities of the student body, the President of each class is invited to attend Faculty Meetings to provide an important link with the faculty. In addition, the Class President is able to consult with the Chair of the Department as often as needed. These systems allow matters affecting the whole class to be discussed and addressed promptly. In effect, there is an 'open channel' of communication at all times.

Grievance Procedures

The University has a number of procedures for the handling of grievances. Students are advised to try to solve all problems first at the Department level with the individual Faculty and Department Chair if needed. Details of the procedures can be found in the University Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin.


Specific course fees can be found in the Expenses Section of the USA Bulletin for the Dept. of Physical Therapy.

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