Ishara Ramkissoon

Associate Professor: University of South Alabama



Assistant Professor: University of South Alabama 2005‐present                    Summary of Courses Taught

Current Courses:

AUD 640: Basic Assessment Fall
AUD 645: Evoked Potential Measures Fall
AUD 647: Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation Spring
AUD 622: Medical Audiology Spring
AUD 643: Audiology and Aging Summer
AUD 642: Pediatric Audiology Summer

Guest Lecturer: 2005‐present

AUD 645 Evoked Potentials, University of South Alabama Fall 2009
SHS 291, Intro to Communication Disorders, Univ. of South Alabama Fall 2009
Senior class, University of Durban‐Westville, South Africa July 2000

Instructor and Teaching Assistant: University of Illinois 1998‐2002

SPSHS 199F: Hearing Health for the Individual and Society 2002, 2001
SPSHS 390: Introduction to Audiology 2001, 2000, 1999
SPSHS 378: Hearing Science Fall 1999, 2000
SPSHS 450: Assessment of Audition & Auditory Disorders Fall 1998
SPSHS 451: Hearing Aids and Amplification Fall 1998