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Education is a lifelong process; the University simply helps to lay the foundation for continued learning. Campus Recreation can be and should be an integral part of your learning foundation. The educational benefits afforded you by participation in recreation are great and varied. Our recreation program provides open recreation opportunities, structured intramural activities, fitness activities, outdoor recreation, aquatics activities, and sports clubs, all of which allow you to develop lifetime patterns of healthful living. In addition, through your involvement in positive recreational programs, you will meet people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


Recreational involvement serves to augment your academic pursuits. The often used phrase "a sound body - a sound mind" is more than a trite platitude, for in developing genuine physical fitness, one develops beneficial habits, which flow into the intellectual realm.


The "whole" person must grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, with each area of growth being intertwined with the others. Recreation participation is a great way to work on physical development in wholesome, sociable surroundings.


The Campus Recreation Program is not designed for only a few athletically gifted individuals. It is concerned with offering a variety of activities that will give all individuals an opportunity to participate, regardless of their ability level. I hope everyone in the University community takes advantage of what our recreation program has to offer.


Philip A. Theodore

 Director of Campus Recreation


Conduct Policy

All patrons are expected to abide by the established rules and regulations for the Student Recreation Center as well as all USA policies and procedures. Failure to follow the rules and regulations governing the Student Recreation Center and its programmed activities will result in disciplinary action including possible removal from the Student Recreation Center and suspension of privileges as well as possible referral to Judicial Affairs


Locker Room Policy

Lockers may be used daily for free. Locks must be removed each day. Lockers may also be rented. Small lockers are $3 per month and large lockers are $5 per month (You must provide your own lock.) Towels may be rented for $3 per month. If you would like to rent both lockers and towels the charge is $5 per month for a small locker and towel and $7 for a large locker and towel.


Guest Policy

A guest pass may be purchased for $10 per day. Must be 17 years of age or older and with a member.


Dependent Policy


Dependent hours are restricted, children under the age of 17 may only use the Student Recreation Center

during the dependent hours listed below.


Dependent Hours: Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 1pm-9pm


Summer Family Swim Hours: Monday 6pm-9pm and Wednesday 6pm-9pm


*The Summer Family Swim is active from May 10th - August 13th and is restricted to only the outdoor pool.


As defined by the Department of Campus Recreation for the purpose of accessing the Student Recreation Center, a dependent status exists anywhere there is a parent or legal guardian/child relationship. The member will be asked to provide evidence that this relationship exists at the time he/she completes the dependent waiver form. Member will be charged for membership for up to two dependents. After two, additional dependents will be free of charge.


Dependent's Level of Access


- Age up to 3:  Only permitted in swimming pools with direct supervision during dependent hours.  Swimming diapers are


- Age 3-9:  Permitted to use swimming pool and indoor soccer court (if not already occupied by other members) during dependent hours.  Direct supervision required.

- Age 6+: Permitted to use the rock wall during dependent hours.  Children must wear climbing shoes, be able to climb on their own, and parents must be present.  Our climbing shoes start at Size 2.

- Age 10-15:  Permitted to use track, swimming pool, climbing wall, multi-purpose courts, indoor soccer court,  racquetball courts,  and participate in SouthFit classes with direct parent/guardian supervision* during dependent hours.

- Age 16:  Permitted in all areas of the Student Recreation Center with indirect parent/guardian supervision** during dependent  hours

- Age 17+:  Permitted in all areas of the Student Recreation Center without parent/guardian supervision.  Not restricted to

    dependent hours.  These members should be prepared to present a second form of identification showing their age.


All dependents using the Recreation Center must have a membership and an ID to access the facility


*Direct supervision is defined as being in the same room no further than 20 feet apart.  Parent/guardian MUST be actively participating in the same activity as the dependent, e.g. playing basketball together, playing racquetball together, swimming together, etc.  This does not mean that the parent can be, for example, in a group exercise class while the dependent sits along the wall and watches.

  **Indirect supervision is defined as parent/legal guardian being in the facility at the same time as the dependent; however, both are not required to be in the same area.


Kids' Play Zone Policy


Kids’ Play Zone Hours:  Monday – Friday 3:30pm-8:00pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 1pm-6:30pm


1.     Only members' dependents are allowed to use the Kids' Play Zone

2.     Members must remain in the Student Recreation Center and may not leave the building while their dependents are in

        the Kids' Play Zone.

3.     There is a limit of 7 children at a time in the Kids' Play Zone. Access is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

4.     Children can stay in the Kids' Play Zone for a maximum of two hours per visit.

5.     Children must be potty trained and between the ages of 3-10 to utilize this service.

6.     The parent/legal guardian who drops the child off must be the same parent/legal guardian who picks up the child. No

        exceptions  will be made to this policy, unless made with a professional staff member with both parents/guardians


7.     The use of the Kids' Play Zone does not require a dependent membership. However, use of any other areas in the

        Student Recreation Center will require purchase of a membership.

8.    Children may bring water in a sippy cup or sports bottle into the Kids' Play Zone, but no other food or drinks are allowed.



Celebrate your birthday or special event with Campus Recreation. Our Outdoor Pool, Rock Wall, and Indoor Soccer Court are all available to be rented for parties. See out reservation application form where you can find times of availability and fees. To check for availability and to make a reservation for your event please come to the main office in the Student Recreation Center. A $ 25 non-refundable deposit and completed reservation application form are due when you make your reservation. The full balance is due 3 days before your scheduled event.

The USABC fitness center is located on St. James Avenue behind classrooms 13-15. It has a stationary bike, treadmill, Tuff Stuff multi-function weight machine, free weights, jump ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, steps, and mats. Currently enrolled students and faculty/staff will need to obtain an access code. Please call our security officer at (251) 472-7474, or the Administration Building at (251) 928-8133.

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