Department of Campus Recreation

Jaguar Wellness Program


What is It?

The Jaguar Wellness Program is an incentive program to motivate you to exercise with Campus Recreation! It is open to all members of the Recreation Center.


How Do I Join?

Join the Jaguar Wellness Program by going to the front desk of the Student Recreation Center and find the Jaguar Wellness Program notebook. Get a record sheet and write down exercise minutes after exercising at the Recreation Center.


What Counts Towards The Minutes?

Any exercise done at the Student Recreation Center or within Campus Recreation counts towards the minutes including:


- SouthFit classes or exercising with a personal trainer

- Playing time in an Intramural Sport, special event, or sport club

- Rock wall

- Swimming pools

- Cardio & weight equipment

- Basketball, racquetball, ping-pong, volleyball, indoor soccer, badminton

- Exercise at the Intramural Fieldhouse

- Activity time on an Outdoor Adventures trip

- Any exercise that begins & ends at the Student Recreation Center (such as jogging or biking outside)


What Are The Prizes?





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