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Campus Recreation Summer Camps are located in our state-of-the-art Student Recreation Center at 51 Stadium Boulevard. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 7-13 years old.  This year we are offering two camp age groups.  Our South Paw Camp ages 7-10 and our Jaguars Camp ages 11-13.  These camps will meet at the same times and will do some activities together such as swimming and lunch but will be divided during certain sports and activities.   These camps are geared towards high-energy sports activities. Children will participate in a different activity each hour from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Lunch will be provided on campus at the Fresh Food Market’s “all you can eat” buffet.  Session 8 and 9 Campers will be required to bring a sack lunch to camp because the Fresh Food Market will be closed.  A discounted rate will be offered.


Program Eligibility

Campers must have reached their 7th birthday by the first day of the camp session and not be older than 13 by the first day of camp.


Programs and Activities

Campers will participate in activities in and around the Student Recreation Center.  Activities will include:  Swimming, water safety, kayaking, indoor and outdoor sports, outdoor recreation and education, climbing wall, disc golf, and much more!!


Camp Staff

Campus Recreation camp is staff are overseen by the Director of Campus Recreation and the Campus Recreation Coordinators.  Camp Counselors are primarily college students carefully screened and selected by the Campus Recreation Department.  All Camp staff members are certified in CPR and first aid, have completed a camp in-service, and have passed a background check.  Certified lifeguards supervise all pool activities.



Registration requires a $50.00 deposit per person, per camp.  Camp fees must be paid in full the first day of each camp.  Come by the front desk of the Student Recreation Center to make payment and submit registration forms.  We accept only cash or checks, made payable to USA with your child’s name and sessions dates in the memo section.  Please call Gina Pollock at 460-6568 if you have any questions regarding registration or the camps.


Cancellation policy:  with a 5 day cancellation in writing for full refund - no 1st day refund cancellation.


Registration Dates:

Student Recreation Center Members:



University Affiliates and General Public:







Camp Cost


Students and Student Recreation Center Members


University Affiliates and General Public




All You Can Eat Lunch at “Fresh Market” included for Sessions 1-7.  Sessions 8 and 9 costs without lunch SRC members


Camp Forms

The following forms must be filled out completely and legibly and turned in with full payment to the front desk to register for Summer Camp:



Registration begins March 3rd.  Our members will be able to register early for our summer camps.


Registration begins March 24th. All USA faculty, staff, active alumni and affiliates who are not members of the Student Recreation Center as well as the General Public will be eligible to register for summer camp sessions beginning March 24th. .

Sessions 1-7




Sessions 8 & 9





Check back in Spring 2015 for the Summer session dates


Campers will have a fun, activity filled day at Campus Recreation Summer Camp.  Our camp staff will strive to make every camper feel welcome and included.  Please speak to your kids about camp and go over our rules, regulations, and Campers Creed before the first day of camp.  This will help their transition be smooth and will ease they will feel well prepared and ready for their camp experience.


Clothing:  Campers should come dressed in their swimsuits each day with their clothes for the day over their swimsuits and underclothes in their backpacks.  Daily clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for indoor and outdoor play.  Tennis shoes are recommended, no open toed shoes please.  Please label all personal items, including towels, swimsuits, shoes, change of clothes, etc.


Backpacks:  Campers should bring a labeled backpack each day.  Pack your camper’s towel, sunscreen, snacks, and a large plastic ziplock bag for wet clothing in their backpack.


Snacks:  Campers are responsible for their own snacks.  We will have two daily snack times.  Due to allergies, please do not bring snack items containing peanuts.


Lost and Found:  Campers are responsible for their belongings.  Our Counselors will do their best to ensure that campers keep up with clothing, shoes, etc.  Please check with a Camp Counselor at pick-up if your camper has lost something.


Illness:  We ask you to share our concern for the health of all of our campers.  Please do not bring your child to camp if he/she is ill.  If your child becomes ill during camp you will be notified promptly to pick your child up.


Sign-In:   Sign In begins each morning at 7:30 am in the SRC meeting room.  All campers must be signed in each day by parent/guardian or individuals authorized on your registration medical form.  Our first session will be held in the outdoor pool so please have campers wear swimsuits under the clothes they will be wearing for the day with underclothes and other personal items in their daily camp bags.  The MINOR WAIVER FORM must to be signed on the first day of each camp.


Sign-Out:  Sign out times are 4:00-4:15 each day in the SRC meeting room.  All campers must be signed out each day by parent/guardian or individuals authorized on your medical information form.  To assure the safety of our campers we will require a driver’s license for identification to release your camper to individuals you have authorized on your registration medical form.  Fees will be charged for late pick-up.



Every camper is expected to follow the Rules and Disciplinary guidelines established by the Campus Recreation Staff.  This will ensure that all campers have a safe and enjoyable camp experience.




Campus Recreation Camp Rules

1. Know and understand all Campus Recreation Camp rules and follow them!!

2. Stay with your Camp group at all times.

3. Respect and courteous to all camp counselors, fellow campers, and patrons of the Student Recreation Center.

4. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.  You are not allowed to touch other campers or staff

    members inappropriately.

6. Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

7. Throw all trash away in receptacles do not liter inside or outside our facility.

8. Do not bring toys or valuables to camp (Ipods, hand-held gaming systems and phones are not allowed).  We

    are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

9. Phones will be available for emergency calls only.  Camp staff will escort camper to a phone in the SRC office if

    a phone call needs to be made.

10. Always treat others the way you would have them treat you.


Disciplinary Guidelines and Procedure


Camp staff will conduct an orientation to review the camp procedures, disciplinary guidelines, and camp rules the first day of each camp session.  All disciplinary action will be handled in a three step method outlined below.


Step One:  A verbal warning will be given to the camper informing them that a rule has been broken and that they are acting inappropriately.  The camper will be asked to explain the behavior and be warned not to continue the inappropriate behavior.


Step Two:  If a camper’s behavior remains unsatisfactory after a verbal warning, they will be sent to time out.  The camper will sit out of the activity for up to 10 minutes, depending on the age of the camper.


Step Three: The final step is the discipline report.  The parent will be called and notified of their camper’s inappropriate behavior.  A discipline report will be filled out by the camper and Camp Counselor stating the situation, and actions taken by camper and counselor.  If the camper receives more than two discipline reports during a single day, the parent will be notified to come and pick up the camper.


Campus Recreation Staff reserves the right to suspend any camper for inappropriate or unsafe behavior at any time.

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