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Career Step
Train at Home for a New Career in Medical Records!
Medical Billing and Coding

Why choose University of South Alabama to prepare for your new career in medical records? These online programs have been developed by Career Step in collaboration with industry associations, employers, and experts to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the workplace after graduation. 

Freedom and flexibility in training – study at your pace on your schedule while strengthening the time management skills valued by employers with average course completion in 12 months or less

Expert-created, real-world curriculum – prepare for the national industry certification exams respected and often required by employers.

Personal, on-going support – access advisors and resources dedicated to helping you through the training process; you'll have help from enrollment through employment.

Medical Billing and Coding:
Billing online training consists of 20 modules, or course subjects, which prepare students to work as inpatient coders. Numerous exercises and skill assessments throughout each module ensure that students master each skill before moving on to the next concept, and knowledgeable student support specialists are available to help from program start to finish.

A significant portion of the student’s time within the Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing program will be spent training on 3M encoding software, which is a coding standard within the industry. Experience with this software will smooth the transition to the inpatient coding industry and will help students cement their knowledge of inpatient codes and procedures.

This hands-on training with the 3M encoding software builds and refines the important skills that differentiate inpatient coders from outpatient coders and is a crucial part of the preparation for a career in inpatient coding.


Download the Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing Syllabus

Medical Transcription:
Medical transcription is the process of transcribing the dictated audio reports of doctor-patient interactions. These transcribed reports become part of the patient's permanent medical record and are vital to ensuring proper and consistent patient care. Medical transcriptionists play an important part in the healthcare system, and those who enter this field can expect a promising career outlook.

The Medical Transcription career training program was developed in collaboration with industry associations, wmployers, and experts to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. The curriculum is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), an association within the medical transcription industry, and is offered entirely online. This online access provides students 24/7 access to program materials and the flexibility to study on their own schedules.

Students focus their study on:
  • Unparalleled practical training
  • Actual doctor dictation
  • Editing and proofreading
The program also includes interactive learning tools, such as games, student forums, chat rooms, and hundreds of exercises that simulate the professional medical transcription experience.

The Medical Transcription online training program consists of 21 modules, or course subjects, which prepare students to work as medical transcriptionists. Numerous exercises and skill assessments throughout each module ensure that students master each skill before moving on to the next concept, and knowledgeable student support specialists are available to help from program start to finish.

Train at home to work at home!

Advancements in internet and data transfer security have changed the medical transcription field to one that offers a number of at-home positions for well-trained professionals. The field was even recently named by CNN as one of the most credible at-home professions.

With University of South Alabama's Medical Transcription program you can train at home to work at home. The program is offered entirely online, which means you can study for your new career whenever it is convenient for you. The program is also self-paced, allowing you to move through the material at exactly the pace that's best for you, without waiting for assignments to be graded or classmates to catch up.

Download the Medical Transcription Syllabus

Medical Transcription Editor:
Medical Transcription Editors are specialized medical transcriptionists who correct and edit reports generated by speech recognition software. This online course allows you the flexibility to train for two career paths at once by gaining the skills of a medical transcriptionist for practices still utilizing dictation to capture patient records and a medical transcription editor for practices making the transition to capturing patient records through voice recognition software. The advancement in these types of software has become attractive for larger practices to integrate this tool in their operations to increase office productivity.

The Medical Transcription Editor course focuses on:

Editing and formatting physician-dictated medical records
Fixing grammatical errors
Improving content in an efficient and accurate manner

Work from home. Medical Transcription has long been one of the fastest growing work-at-home careers, and medical transcriptionists and editors enjoy advantages such as:

Flexibility to choose their schedules according to their unique needs.
Portability of a career that moves with them
Opportunities to earn great income on a production basis

Prepare for the Future. The dynamic medical transcription industry is evolving. Speech recognition technology is becoming more common, and while the majority of work is still done by traditional medical transcriptionists, a growing number of employers are hiring those with specialized medical transcription editor skills required to work with speech recognition technology.

Download Detailed Medical Transcription Editor Syllabus
Medical Transcription Editor Supplement:
The Medical Transcription Editor Supplement program is designed for those who have previously completed the Career Step Medical Transcription program and would like to expand their resume to include the skills of a transcription editor. This supplemental course can be completed in just a matter of weeks online 24/7 with access to the program materials while still learning at a pace that fits your schedule.

The modules included in the Supplement course are:

  • Program Orientation
  • Medical Transcription Editing Industry
  • Editing Theory
  • Editing Technique
  • Editing Clinic Notes
  • Editing Acute Care
  • Final Exam Preparation
Download Detailed Medical Transcription Editor Supplement Syllabus
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