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Module 1
  • Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting
  • History and Roles of LNCs in the Workplace
  • Business Aspects of LNC
  • Legal Theories; Criminal Aspects of Healthcare
  • Medical/Legal Research
  • Social Media and Litigation
  • To outline the background, job opportunities, and history of legal nurse consulting.
  • To define legal theories, areas of liability, and type of law affecting the LNC’s practice.
  • To define the process and style of legal writing.
Module 2
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Discovery Tools
  • The Expert Witness
  • Disciplinary Action
  • LNC’s Role in Litigation
  • Toxic Torts
  • To define the roles of the LNC in the workplace.
  • To outline legal theories.
  • To outline the federal and state court systems.
  • To discuss the criminal aspects of healthcare.
  • To define the dangers and liabilities of social media.
  • To discuss how to effectively do medical/legal research.
Module 3
  • Federal Tort Claims and Statutes
  • Qui Tam Cases – Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
  • Briefing a Case
  • To discuss various aspects of the legal nurse consulting business.
  • The LNC’s role in litigation.
  • To describe the process of filing a suit through appeals.
  • To discuss the medical malpractice process – how to file, what is filed, and legal time limits.
  • To discuss toxic torts.
  • To discuss litigation forms.
Module 4
  • Life Care Plans
  • Medicare Set Asides
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Medical and Other Product Liability Theories and Cases
  • Risk Management
  • To discuss how to create a life care plan.
  • To define Medicare Set-Asides.
  • To outline the Peer Review Process.
  • To discuss the various types of personal injury.
  • To outline the different theories in products liability.
  • To discuss medical product liability claims.
  • To discuss risk management.
Module 5
  • LNC’s Role in Forensics
  • Administrative Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • End of Life Issues and Elder Law Cases
  • Working in a Legal Environment
  • Marketing Your LNC Skills
  • To discuss the LNC’s role in forensics.
  • To discuss the different areas of practice under the wing of Administrative Law.
  • To define the different types of conflict resolution.
  • To discuss end of life issues and elder law cases.

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