Air Force ROTC Courses

Cadets must satisfactorily complete the following courses and their associated Leadership Laboratory sections during the Air Force ROTC Program.

First Year: Air Force Studies 100 (AS 100)

AS 100 courses are designed to introduce Freshmen to the Air Force

  • Fall Courses: AS101 & AS101L (1 credit hour)
  • Spring Courses: AS102 & AS102L (1 credit hour)

Second Year: Air Force Studies 200 (AS 200)

AS 200 courses focus on the history of air and space power

  • Fall Courses: AS201 & AS201L (1 credit hour)
  • Spring Courses: AS202 & AS202L (1 credit hour)

Third Year: Air Force Studies 300 (AS 300)

AS 300 courses focus on leadership/management skills and professionalism

  • Fall Courses: AS301 & AS301L (3 credit hours)
  • Spring Courses: AS302 & AS302L (3 credit hours)

Fourth Year: Air Force Studies 400 (AS 400)

AS 400 courses focus on national security affairs and active duty preparation

  • Fall Courses: AS401 & AS401L (3 credit hours)
  • Spring Courses: AS402 & AS402L (3 credit hours)

Special Programs

College undergraduates and graduating students graduating in 2019 may be eligible to enter the program as an AS 300 student. Please contact us for required course enrollment and to schedule a personal interview. Current enrollment is available for Fall 2017 in the following courses:

  • AS 301 & AS 301L (3 credit hours)


* If you have class conflicts, please contact our office.


Current as of 06/20/2017