Meeting Minutes

Meeting on 3/14/18:

Hey everyone,
If you missed the meeting on Wednesday, here is what we covered:

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/07/18 @ 7:00 AM: Weather Wednesday with Hurricane Hunters @ Keesler AFB
  • 4/18/18 @ 5:30 PM: April Meeting
  • TBA: Cookout
  • TBA: Beach Trip


2018-2019 Officers:

  • President: Dillon Blount
  • Vice President: Amber Kulick
  • Secretary: Caitlin Ford
  • Treasurer: Sam Michlowitz



  • Working to be recognized by both organizations as an official chapter
  • We have a NWA local chapters committee, and the Chair is Cathy Zapotocny. We have been in contact with Cathy (both email and phone) to make sure we are following the proper procedures for setting up a local chapter.
  • Chapter may be either a local one (university only) or open to the community (could include NWS, etc.)



  • If you attended 2 Mitchell Center Cleanups, please let Dillon (dvb1422@jagmail.southalabama. edu) know your T-shirt size
  • If you would like to buy one, the T-shirts are $13.
  • The money and your size must be given to Dillon Blount by next Wednesday (3/21/18)


NWA Meeting:

  • August 26-30, 2018


MSU Conference:

  • edu/?page_id=212
  • March 24-25, 2018
  • Online pre-registration closes on March 20.
  • The cost is just $25 for university students and $45 for meteorology professionals
  • Key Notes:

o   Bryan Norcross, Senior Hurricane Specialist: The Weather Channel

o   Mark Sudduth, Founder of Hurricane Track and Storm Chaser

o   Carl Parker, Storm Specialist: The Weather Channel

o   Rick Smith, Warning Coordination Meteorologist: NWS Norman, OK


Ooze Ball:

  • April 21st
  • $20 per person (the club will not pay for this FYI)
  • Turn in papers before spring break
  • Volleyball in the mud
  • Get a t-shirt and food
  • 8 people per team
  • Please, email club ASAP if you are interested in playing!

Have a good weekend,

Caitlin Ford 
USA Meteorology Club Secretary