Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

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The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree prepares students for global hospitality and tourism industries from an interdisciplinary perspective. The curriculum is designed to provide students with applied learning opportunities in the Gulf Coast region or internationally. In addition, students will gain knowledge of sustainable ecotourism principles and practices.


Tourism has grown and changed dramatically over the past 50 years, evolving into one of the world’s largest industries. This expansion is expected to continue, with a projection of 303 million jobs created worldwide by 2020. The tourism and travel industries contribute to 1 in 12 of all jobs in the world and 1 in 10 jobs in the United States.


The Hospitality and Tourism Management degree teaches critical thinking skills to students so that they may effectively analyze and evaluate business plans and practices in the hospitality and tourism industry. The program also provides opportunities for students to apply state of the art knowledge and best practice skills while gaining real-world experiences through domestic and international internships.



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