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Be a part of one of the top majors in the U.S.!


Of hundreds of majors available to students in the United States, The Chronicle of Higher Education (2010) lists Interdisciplinary Studies as one of the top twenty majors in the country. Students in this major develop areas of expertise in three disciplines rather than a single field of study. 


For students, the major provides an opportunity to…..


bullet Design a customized bachelor’s degree tailored to professional goals and interests

bullet Develop knowledge and skills in three disciplines of study

bullet Demonstrate the capacity for critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem-solving,leadership and teamwork, and effective communication

bullet Engage in self-exploration and identify areas of skill and interest

bullet Enter the professions of choice with competitive knowledge and skills


The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers two programs: an Adult Degree Program as well as an Interdisciplinary Degree Program for traditionally-aged college students. The Adult Degree Program is designed to accommodate the educational needs of students who may be beginning their academic study later in life, or are completing a degree begun earlier. Our Interdisciplinary Degree Program is designed to launch younger students into their first professional experiences. Both programs utilize state-of-the-art educational technologies to ensure access to the most innovative and flexible learning environments. 


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Hayden Ross, Interdisciplinary Degree Program, Spring 2012