The University Library regularly exhibits a broad range of arts and crafts from watercolors, oils, etchings, graphic arts, and acrylics to photographs, jewelry, miniatures, baskets, and the book arts. While local and regional artists of all ages, including children in K – 12, may exhibit in the library’s galleries, artists from outside the region and traveling exhibits may also be considered.  All exhibitions and displays are approved and scheduled by the Dean of University Libraries. Artists interested in exhibiting are normally asked to schedule an appointment with Lorene Flanders (Executive Director of University Libraries) and to bring sample works, digital images, or a portfolio unless they can be viewed on the artist’s website. 

Scheduling shows 

Exhibitions and displays are generally scheduled for two months at a time in January/February, March/April, September/October, and November/December.  Show schedules during the summer months (May through August) vary.  The library’s two exhibition areas have become very popular and are often booked more than a year in advance.  Some shows recur every year or every other year: Watercolor and Graphics Arts Society, Cathedral Square Gallery, Helen Keller children’s art show, Marine Resources Coastal art children’s art show, and Azalea City Quilters’ Guild. 

Matting, framing, etc.  

Works which will be hung in the galleries must normally be framed and wired so that they are ready for hanging on the library’s system. Works which will be displayed in the cases in Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art on the third floor often do not need to be framed but may need to be matted or mounted on foam boards. Artists should consult with the Dean with respect to displaying free-standing works.


While the University Library cannot provide a security guard, a state-of-the-art video surveillance system is used successfully to monitor the library’s exhibit areas, as well as entrances and exits. This has been a very effective tool in safeguarding art works; however, it must be understood that the library is not responsible for any theft and damage.

Sales of art

The library does not sell art; therefore, the artist may place cost and contact information on each piece or on a list of works, etc. If a work is sold by the artist, it normally needs to remain in the show until it is over unless the artist can replace it with another work(s). The library does not charge the artist or take any commission for works that artist sells.


There is no requirement that the artist or the library has a reception. Unless the artist is confident  that at least 20 persons will attend from personal contact, a reception is not encouraged. 

Providing refreshments is the responsibility of the artist; this includes set-up and clean-up. Receptions will normally be held in Room 181. Receptions approved for the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art are normally scheduled for a Friday or Saturday evening after the library closes to avoid disrupting students who are studying or using the library. 

Responsibilities of the artist:

  • Installing and de-installing his/her works of art as scheduled (unless other arrangements for set-up are approved by the dean).
  • Providing an artist’s statement, description of the show, cards which identify each work in the show and price (if applicable).
  • Pay for all costs involved in framing, matting, etc.
  • Provide digital images of at least 10 representative works one month prior to the show. These images will be used for the library’s website and for publicity purposes.