TeamUSA Quality Enhancement Plan

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is an engaging educational approach that includes a specific sequence of individual work, group work, and immediate feedback to create a learning environment in which students are accountable for coming to class prepared and contributing to discussion. As the focus of our Quality Enhancement Plan, TBL is implemented in courses with the aims of improving student learning outcomes, achieving higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhancing collaboration and communication, and applying course content to real-world situations.  

Julie M. Estis, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Quality Enhancement Plan Director


- First-year data indicates the goals of the project are being met -
Major findings include:
-82% of SLO Critical Thinking Mastery Targets were met.
-Higher post-test scores were achieved with statistically significant differences in evaluating, analyzing, creating and collaboration constructs as compared to pre-test scores.
-Higher percentile scores for students enrolled in TeamUSA courses as compared to students who were not, and a statistically significant difference in all critical thinking constructs found on the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (Induction, Deduction, Analysis, Inference, Evaluation, Interpretation and Explanation).
-50% fewer student withdrawals from TeamUSA courses, and a statistically significant difference in withdrawals as compared to non-TeamUSA courses.
-Students earned significantly higher grades for TeamUSA courses, with more A’s and B’s, and fewer D’s and F’s in TBL courses as compared to non-TeamUSA courses.)