Student Affairs

The duties, as defined by the Code-of-Laws, for the Student Affairs Committee are:

310.1 The Student Affairs Committee shall have the sole responsibility to be familiar with the needs of students, to occasionally hold hearings on student needs, and offer suggestions to the university administration or the vice president of student affairs when requested or required and to offer suggestions to the administration or the Vice President of Student Affairs when requested or required.
310.2 The Student Affairs Committee will plan Spirit Day and Coordinate the Mr. and Miss Jaguar elections.

Student Affairs Chair:


Ravi Rajendra, Arts & Sciences Senator (2nd term) |
Marine Biology/Pre-Med, Class of 2017


Student Affairs Members:


Tom Adent, Arts & Sciences Senator (1st term) |
Biology, Class of 2017
Chelsea Barley, Education Senator (1st term) |
Therapeutic Recreation, Class of 2015
Trey Davis, Allied Health Senator (2nd term) |
Pre Occupational Therapy, Class of 2016
Ashley Ford, Arts & Sciences Senator (2nd term) |
Chemistry/Pre-Med, Class of 2016
Nicholas Frazier, Arts & Sciences Senator (2nd term) |
Political Science/Economics, Class of 2015
Ben Gipson, Business Senator (1st term) |
Business, Class of 2017
Skyla Jones, Allied Health Senator (2nd term)
Pre Physical Therapy, Class of 2016
Joshua Taylor, Arts & Sciences Senator (1st term) |
Psychology, Class of 2015
Jacob Taylor, Computing Senator (3rd term) |
Information Systems, Class of 2015