Special Events Definition

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Events that meet at least one of these criteria will be considered for publishing to the University of South Alabama (USA) master special events calendar.

  • Home athletic events
  • Events that have appeal outside of their home department, division or content area
  • Events that have a significant amount of media presence
  • Events that have a high amount of administrator attendance
  • Events that have at least 100 or more expected guests
  • Events that are promoted/classified as University wide events
  • Events that will require a large portion of the University’s parking real estate
  • Events that require a large presence from University police
  • Events that require road closures on campus
  • Events requiring USA transportation planning
  • Events requiring ticket purchases

Examples of events that could appear on the USA master calendar include:

  • Distinguished alumni awards
  • USA Day
  • Commencement
  • Building dedications
  • College sponsored conferences
  • Laidlaw faculty concert series
  • Celebrate Hope
  • Select Jaguar Productions events
  • 5K Runs

Events that are not likely to appear on the USA master special events calendar include:

  • Away athletic events
  • Private or restricted events
  • Student events that are exclusively for students
  • Department or divisional meetings
  • Trainings that are for internal staff only

Examples of events that would not appear on the USA master calendar include:

  • New Hire Orientation
  • Pan Hellenic Council meetings
  • Yoga Instructor training
  • Dean’s Council meetings
  • Administrative Council meetings