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Dr. Michael Mitchell
Assistant VP of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Dr. Krista Harrell
Associate Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator
James Contratto
Associate Director, University Programs
Carl Cunningham
Director, Multicultural Affairs
Rachael Bolden
Associate Director, Student Center 
Brigette Soderlind
Assistant Director, Student Activities & Greek Life
Heather Sprinkle
Coordinator, University Programs
Landry Underwood
Coordinator, Greek Life
Petre Freeman
Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs
Courtney Diener
Title IX and Violence Prevention & Education Specialist
Judy Friedhoff
Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students
Administrative Assistant, Associate Dean of Students & Student Center
Greta Washington
Administrative Assistant, SGA
Bradley Headrick
Graduate Assistant, University Programs
Alex Page
Graduate Assistant, Student Center Services
Skye McLeod
Graduate Assistant, Student Activities