Walking Challenge Spring 2018

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Welcome to the Jaguar Wellness Walking Challenge! We’re excited that you have decided to join this fitness journey with other staff and faculty in the University Community. Our goal is to promote wellness through activity tracking on campus. This challenge requires no device purchase. You can use a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or an app on your phone. The only requirement is you walk/run and enter in your steps for the day. Steps for the previous week must be entered by Monday at noon. Below are some of the apps that you could use to participate:

Android: (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, etc.)

Android Apps

  • Moves – Free
  • Runtastic Pedometer – Free (ads), $.99 for ad free
  • Accupedo Pedometer – Free
  • Noom walk – free

iOS: (iPhone)

iPhone Apps

  • Stepz – free
  • Walker – free
  • Pacer – free
  • Health – app comes with I-phone

Click here to begin!