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Welcome to Earth Sciences!

Thank you for visiting our website for the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of South Alabama. Our department includes three separate majors: Geography, Geology and Meteorology. Although these are all considered Earth sciences, each major is distinct and each has different requirements. On average, the Meteorology major has about 100 students, the Geology major has around 75 students, and the Geography major has about 65 students. There are about five teaching in each major with sixteen full-time faculty in the department.

The Earth Science Department is spread across campus in three different buildings. Geology, most of Geography, and the main office are in the Life Sciences Building (LSCB). Introductory Geography labs are on the second floor of the Instructional Lab Building (ILB), and Meteorology is on the ground floor of the Mitchell Center (MC).

Earth Sciences is noted for its friendly and supportive atmosphere. I have a personal interview with every student who graduates from our department, and every one of them says that the thing they like best about Earth Sciences is “the faculty really care about you.” Most faculty have open door policies and are readily available to students who need help or encouragement. Although introductory classes in Geography and Geology are large, introductory labs and upper level classes in all three disciplines rarely have more than 20 students. Teachers will know who you are and will care about your success as a student. We also care about you as a person, and are always willing to help you in whatever way we can.

If you think you might be interested in one of our majors, or in learning more about our department, feel free to email me at or call our office at 251-460-6381. I will be happy to discuss opportunities with you or to put you in contact with someone in Geography, Geology, or Meteorology.

Dr. Mimi Fearn
Associate Professor of Geography
Chair, USA Department of Earth Sciences

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