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Laboratory Safety Checklist

Protective Equipment:

  • Safety glasses with side shields, chemical splash goggles where appropriate
  • Substantial shoes, no sandals, open toes
  • Protective clothing worn while working at bench
  • Gloves selected according to hazard


  • Aisles and exits free from obstruction
  • Benches and shelves not overloaded with unused equipment and/or chemicals and no combustibles stored within 18 inches of ceiling
  • No damaged glassware in use (broken, chipped)
  • Lab apparatus properly assembled and used appropriately
  • No bikes in labs

Vacuum Equipment:

  • Vacuum pump belt guard in place
  • Glass Dewars wrapped or shielded
  • Protective shatter proof shield in place when in use
  • Glass desiccators under vacuum stored in metal guards or shielded


  • Instruct lab personnel in potential work place hazards and good laboratory safe practices
  • Provide information on availability of "Right-to-Know" materials

Compressed Gases:

  • All cylinders properly secured in an upright position, with cylinder clamp/chain fastened to solid support
  • Stored cylinders tightly capped and surplus cylinders kept to a minimum
  • Flammable materials stored 20 feet from cylinders containing oxidizers
  • Regulators, proper connections and tubing in good condition
  • Flammable gas tubing secured and labeled
  • Flame arrestors on flammable gas supply
  • If toxic gases in use; proper leak sensors/alarms in place and alarms checked and calibrated on regular schedule
  • If toxic gases or gases with poor warning qualities used (i.e. odorless); redundant systems shutoffs in place in case of leaks/emergencies


  • Special hazard signs in place (i.e. Laser, cryogenic liquids, biohazards)
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