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Appendix A : Safe Storage of Laboratory Chemicals

Appendix B : Chemical Hazards

Appendix C : Chemical Incompatibility Charts

Appendix D : Chemical Classification and Safety Signs

Appendix E : General Emergency/Fire/Spill Procedures

Appendix F : Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures

Appendix G : Universal Waste Requirements

Appendix H : Glove Compatibility Chart

Appendix I : List of Reproductive Toxins/Hazards

Appendix J : List of Carcinogens and Non-Carcinogens

Appendix K : ATF List of Explosive Materials

Appendix L : Operational Guidelines for Acutely Toxic Gases

List of Acutely Toxic Gases

Appendix M : Operational Guidelines for Acutely Toxic Chemicals

List of Acutely Toxic Chemicals

Appendix N : Materials with excessive disposal costs

Appendix O : Laboratory Relocation Guidelines

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