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International Admissions and Student Services
Study Abroad
English Language Center
Immigration Coordination
Office of International Education
Application Packet: For new undergraduate and graduate international applicants and permanent residents.
Arrival Request Form
Authorization To Disclose Health Records
Change of Address: Please report any change of address to the Office of International Admissions and Student Services immediately.
Financial Affidavit: New graduate international students and returning students whose financial documents are older than a year must submit a financial affidavit and financial documents.
Graduate Admission Checklist
Graduation Invitation Request: Students who anticipate graduation during the present semester and would like to invite immediate family to attend graduation please fill out this form and return it to the Office of International Admissions and Student Services.
Immunization and TB Form
International Student Responsibilities: International students enrolled at USA are responsible for understanding the policies and procedures noted on this form.
Letter of Good Standing
Medical History Form
Readmission Form: Graduate applicants who have not enrolled at the University for an academic term (Fall or Spring) will need to apply for readmission.
Refer your friend to the University of South Alabama! Fill out this form and return it to the Office of International Admissions and Student Services.
SEVIS Release Form: SEVIS release form to transfer from the University of South Alabama to
another US educational institution.
Transfer Eligibility Form: For international (F-1) students transferring from within the United States.
Tuberculosis and Immunization Form - International and ESL Students
Undergraduate Admission Checklist
I-901 SEVIS Forms

Estimate Budget Form
Experiences, Information, and Releases
Program Review & Recommendation Form
Request to Amend Transient Credit Approval
Study Abroad Transcript Release Form
Study Abroad Program Proposals
Transient Credit Approval Form
USA/GPA Credit Course Approval Form
USA International Travel Review Forms
US Department of State Safe Traveler Enrollment Program

Affidavit of Financial Support
Transfer Eligibility Form for F-1 Students

Common Abbreviations for Immigration
DS-2019 Request Form
Exchange Visitor Policy and Address Form
H-1B Classification Request Packet
H-1B Extend Form
H-1B Intake Form
HR Designated Guest Form
International Scholars and Departmental Checklist
J-1 Extend Form
J-1 Transfer out Form
Local Address and Emergency Contact Form
Medical Residents Moonlighting Policy
Moonlighting Information for International Medical Residents
USCI Forms

Ace Claims Form
Contract/Agreement Checklist to be submitted with any international agreements/contracts.
Faculty/Staff Dependent Enrollment Form
Hooker-Kubik Award: Click here for eligibility and applications.
International Scholars and Departmental Checklist
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