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About USA International
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  • University of South Alabama’s International Admissions and Student Services is a fully staffed office devoted exclusively to our nearly 900 international students representing over 100 countries!
  • USA is a fully accredited University with over 82% of its faculty holding doctorate degrees. A large international student population, low cost of living, low tuition, state-of-the-art technical facilities, great location and climate makes USA the ideal institution for your educational pursuit.
  • At USA you can depend on:
    • English Learning Center Support Services
    • Personalized instruction with an average class size of 23.
    • Active host family and community organization.
    • Costs among the lowest of all comprehensive universities.
  • The Office of International Services, ESL Center and Faculty Advisors provide:
  Recreational Activities

Intramural activities provide a positive outlet for students by offering a variety of activities that give individuals an opportunity to participate regardless of their ability level. Our Campus Recreation Program provides structured activities and open recreational opportunities which encourage individuals to develop lifetime patterns of healthful living. Students, through their involvement in Campus Recreation programs, meet other people in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Intramural sports include softball, soccer, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, golf, water polo, basketball and flag football. There is also a non-intramural group of International Students who participate in on-campus cricket matches.

  International Student Activities
  The Council of International Students Organization (CISO) represents the social interests of International Students. The following are activities available for international students:
  • Trips to Various Areas of Interest
  • Regular Campus Meetings
  • Variety of International Organizations and Clubs
  • International Spring Festival
  • National and Regional Student Associations
  • Pizza Party
  • International Student Banquet Recognizing Outstanding International Students
  • Sports Events
  • Cultural Events
  Student Services
  Here are just some of the many services that are available to students:
  The University of South Alabama also offers special services to students with disabilities. Academic programs, campus organizations, and activities are open to students with special needs on the basis of personal interest, ability, and choice. The University recognizes the right of individuals with disabilities to continue their education beyond secondary school, to pursue careers that can be offered to them through advanced study, and to entertain the same choices and options as their peers without disabilities. It is the goal of the Office of Special Student Services to provide assistance to any student with a disability to have a positive transition into the mainstream of campus life.

Our academic programs provide a solid base to allow students to grow intellectually, economically, and socially. The recent addition of several new academic programs provides greater opportunities for students while improving the quality of health care, safety and economic well-being of the region. USA is home to the state’s only glass-blowing program, which features a new 5,000-square-foot facility located in the Visual Arts complex. We are also excited about the recent completion of the Health Sciences Building, a $48 million facility that houses the College of Nursing and the Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions. Additionally, the Shelby Hall Engineering and Computing Sciences Building will soon offer a new high-tech home to the College of Engineering and the School of Computer and Information Sciences.

Follow this link for a complete list of programs offered at USA.


The mission of USA Student Activities is to connect students with organizations, services and programs that will enhance their interests and passions while complimenting academic development. We encourage both individual and group experiences that foster interpersonal relationships, promote the application of practical and useful skills, and enhance the academic learning environment. We value experiences that inspire leadership, cultivate diversity, encourage campus and community engagement, and clarify individual values.

There are a number of organizations dedicated to our international students. Click here for USA’s complete list of and links to student organizations.

USA Library
USA Library
Meisler Hall - Student Services
Meisler Hall - Student Services
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Intramural Soccer Teams
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Shelby Hall - College of Engineering;
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Student Dining
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Stokes Hall - Residence Hall
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