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Hooker-Kubik Endowment Award Program
About the Donors
In 1991, Robert Lea Hooker and Jean Kubik Hooker established this endowed scholarship program as an effort to foster and support study as well as research at the University of South Alabama (USA) by students and faculty from Slovakia. Over the years since its establishment this award has been used by many Slovakian citizens to come to the University of South Alabama to study, do research and to foster their careers.
Jean Hooker served in the Navy in World War II and used the G I bill to graduate from the University of Colorado in 1951 and then went to University of Southern Mississippi to get her masters degree in 1953 and taught there for 7 years, and taught at the University of South Alabama from 1966 until her retirement in 1992. Her parents were both born in small villages in Czecho-Slovakia and moved to the United States. Robert Hooker graduated from University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in business and was district manager for Moore Business Forms of Mobile.
Jean and Robert both worked with the "Education for Democracy" program which was based at the University of South Alabama. As quoted from a 1991 New York Times article the Education for Democracy organization was: "Founded in Mobile, Ala., in the heady months after Czechoslovakia's "velvet revolution" in 1989, Education for Democracy has sent more than 600 Americans to Czechoslovakia to teach English in schools, factories, government agencies and, as in Ms. Darwin's case, private organizations."1 Through her grandfather Jean learned the Slovak language and participated in Slovak drama and music events as a child.
"Education for Democracy" was a USA program whereby interested persons volunteered to teach English as a Second Language in the then Czecho-Slovakia. In the 1990's, Jean recruited 16 students to teach English as a Second Language in Slovakian towns and cities for three months. Jean also was heavily involved in the Mobile community as well helping with the organization of the Mobile Sister City relationship with Kosice, the second largest city in Slovakia.
This endowment has hosted a wide range of students studying in disciplines as varied as Genetics, Computer Science, Education, and Business. Many of the alumni of this program have since gone on to complete their degrees and become professionals in their disciplines and careers of choice.
Woman in Low Tatras highland, Slovakia
Woman in Low Tatras highland, Slovakia
  On June 7th,2013 Jean Hooker passed away. She was a very special person and touched the lives of so many people. Always full of energy and a tireless “can-do” attitude, she was an inspiration to everyone who knew her. The world will be a little less bright without her, but her legacy will live on through this scholarship program.  
  1. Americans Teaching English in Czechoslovakia Learn About Themselves. New York Times 1991.  
Slovakia Maps, Scene and Flag
About the Program
  Mission/Goals: The funding generated by this endowment will be used to foster the present day interests in developing understanding and awareness between the Slovakian people and students, faculty and community members associated with the University of South Alabama. Participants from both Slovakia and USA are encouraged to focus on areas of technology and research development as well as educational and cultural exchanges that may be of timely and mutual interest.  
  The awards are based on available funds from the invested return on the endowment and may range up to $5,000. Recipients may only receive one award in a two year period.  
  The award is made for program activities that begin in the Summer of each year (and based on available funding.)  
  Activities that may be considered for this award include international students or research scholars (graduate students, professors) study at the University of South Alabama in virtually any discipline, study of English as a Second Language at the USA ESL Center, research collaboration between scholars from Slovakia and USA faculty on projects of mutual or individual interest and USA students who are interested in study in Slovakia, Eastern or Western Europe. Although each year only one or two awards may be made, it is the vision of the donors that the endowment grow to be able to sponsor increasing numbers of students and scholars from both Slovakia and the University of South Alabama.  
  For each award period the awards will be able to begin no earlier than June 1st of the award year and must be utilized by December 31st.
Award eligibility: The criteria to be used in awarding the Hooker-Kubik Scholarship funding are as follows:
  A. For Slovakian Students funding is applied towards travel costs, tuition/program expenses, or living expenses for one or two semesters (Summer and/or Fall). Award recipient priority will be given to students from Slovakia in the following order: Graduate degree seeking student including Masters, PhD, and Professional Degrees, Undergraduate degree seeking student, Non-degree seeking short term (one or two semesters)
  B. For USA Study Abroad students funding is applied towards study in Slovakia, or eastern Europe
  C. For Collaborative Research Scholar activities including: Research and cultural exchange scholars from Slovakia coming to USA for additional study, research activities, conferences/presentations, and teaching activities (includes artists, musicians, etc. who will perform master classes and related activities with USA faculty, academic units and community cultural activities). USA research and teaching activities in Slovakia by USA undergraduate and graduate students and/or USA faculty.
Application Deadline Information
  ALL documentation must be received ON or BEFORE January 1st. (An exception will be made for the 2014 program year, pushing back the application deadline to February 1st, returning to January 1st in 2015) . Award Decision date will be no later than early summer of each year or as announced. All award notifications will be made in writing. Award recipients will only receive the funding when confirmation is received of their participation in the activity/program of choice.  

Application Timeline:
        • Submission Deadline: January 1st (Febuary 1st only for 2014 applications!)
        • Decision Notification: April 1st
        • Start of Funding/Scholarship Period: June 1st
        • End of Scholarship Period: December 31st

  Download the appropriate application document for either A, B, or C in the link provided above. Document must be TYPED – no handwritten applications. Letters of recommendation, brief proposal describing the planned activity along with other documentation may be required for each category of eligibility.  
  A USA Council for International Education & Scholarship (USACIES) selection committee will review all applications received by the deadline. The committee reserves the right to contact the applicant for additional information, for interviews (phone, Skype, etc.) and to contact references as well as to verify all information submitted.  
  All applications may be submitted electronically via scanned copy and email (file size max 15MB) or by fax, original documentation should be received prior to any award being made.  
  Click here for eligibility and applications.  
  Click here for past award recipients.  
  Questions about this program may be addressed to:  
  Hooker-Kubik Scholarship Program
Office of International Education
University of South Alabama
5870 Alumni Circle, Faculty Court South #12,
Mobile, Alabama 36688 USA
Phone: 251-460-7053 Fax: 251 460-6228
hhudson@southalabama.edu or smcclellan@health.southalabama.
  Interested in helping with this endowment or creating a named endowment, contact:  
  Office of University Development
University of South Alabama
307 University Blvd
Health Services Building Room 2150
Mobile, AL 36688-0002
Telephone: (251) 460-7032 FAX: (251) 461-1776
E-mail: development@usouthal.edu
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