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2014 Caldwell Scholarship Application

Congratulations to the 2013 Caldwell Scholar

Kristi Williams

Jim Caldwell presenting the award to Kristi Williams at the scholarship luncheon in May


Friends and family of Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell graciously established this scholarship in 1994 to help USA students gain international training. With an endowment of over $70,000, the Caldwell Scholarship is given annually to help a deserving student or students participate in a study abroad program. The award is open to students with a major in the College of Arts and Sciences, a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.0 in foreign language, and at least one year of language training prior to the study abroad. Preference is given to juniors and seniors with little or no foreign experience. Students must use the award to participate in an established study abroad program and prepare a final report for the Caldwell Board upon their return.

Congratulations to the 2013 Nowlin-Caldwell Winner

Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson (right) receives his award from Barry Nowlin


Established by Dr. Barry and Mechelle Nowlin, the Nowlin-Caldwell Scholarship (previously the Caldwell Murphy High School  Award) has been helping students study abroad since 2006.  Previously reserved for entering freshman who had graduated from Murphy High School, the scholarship has since been opened to all USA students.  


Applications for the 2014 Awards will be available during the Spring Semester. 

Caldwell Scholarship Recipients  

  • Kristi Williams 2013
  • Olivia Shanteau 2012
  • Cameron Gibson 2011
  • Ayesha Jaleel 2010
  • Lydia Guion 2009
  • Laura Hosford 2008
  • James Andrew Camp 2008 (Murphy Award)
  • Florence (Holly) Gafford 2007
  • Claire Watson 2007 (Murphy Award)
  • Danielle Bruhl 2006
  • Caroline Lyone 2006
  • Tania Morris Diaz 2006 (Murphy Award)
  • Kathryn Ward 2005
  • Rachel Kleinpeter 2004
  • Julia Allen 2003
  • Victoria Fulton 2003
  • Shannon Bowers 2002
  • Emily Yarbrough Horton 2002
  • Michael Coppejans 2001
  • James Willsey 2001
  • Ana Zeiger 2000
  • Adrianne Simmons 1999
  • Debra Dorta 1998
  • J. Philip Johnson 1997
  • Brian Froehlich 1996
  • Amy Harmon 1995
  • Amy Dykes 1994

Nowlin-Caldwell Murphy Award

  • Curtis Johnson 2013
  • William Crittendon 2012
  • Chris Stansbury 2011
  • James Andrew Camp 2008
  • Claire Watson 2007
  • Tania Morris Diaz 2006

Picture of 2006 recipients

Laura Hosford with Mrs. Caldwell during the 2008 luncheon

Picture of Mrs. Caldwell and Laura Hosford

2006 Caldwell Scholarship recipients, Danielle Bruhl, Caroline Lyons and Tania Morris-Diaz (Murphy Scholar), pictured with Mrs. Ivel Caldwell and Jim Caldwell.

For information contact: Dr. Susan McCready, 322 Humanities Bldg., Mobile, AL 36688, 251-461-1456