The Caldwell Scholarship

The Caldwell Endowment has been providing scholarship funds for study abroad for over twenty years.    


The 2016 James and Ivel Caldwell Scholar

Walley Caldwells 2016

Micaela Walley, pictured above with Mr. Jim and Mrs. Sally Caldwell, is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Communication. She will spent summer 2016 in Rome, Italy developing her creative writing skills. She hopes to later work in editing and publishing, which she is already active in here on campus through the Oracle Fine Arts Review and The Vanguard.


The 2016 Nowlin-Caldwell Scholar

McGallagher Nowlin

Scott McGallagher, pictured here with Barry Nowlin, Jerry Nowlin, and Luke Nowlinis an International Studies major, minoring in International Business. Scott will be in Rennes, France this fall, continuing his study of business. He hopes to work for the federal government after graduate school.


Caldwell Scholars Around the World

The Caldwell Endowment recently celebrated 20 years of giving, helping students achieve their dream of study abroad.  For most Caldwell Scholars, study abroad was their first trip outside of the United States, but in the 20 years since the award began, Caldwell Scholars have traveled all over the world, for study, work or pleasure.