Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature

Welcome to the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature at the University of South Alabama! The programs offered by the Department are essential to the university's mission of enhancing students' understanding of other cultures and preparing them to thrive in a global society. Our interdisciplinary curriculum integrates language study with culture and area studies, literature, linguistics, history as well as other disciplines and prepares our students to take their place as participants, leaders and innovators in an increasingly interconnected world. In equipping our students with proficiency in a second or a third language, we strive to help them widen their horizons and escape a narrow, monolingual view of the world. Competency in other languages is the key to understanding other cultures and, in turn, makes possible a deeper understanding of one's own culture and language.

The department offers a major in Foreign Languages and Literature with concentrations in FrenchGermanRussian, and Spanish. All majors complete a 15 credit common core program, nine credits in a study-abroad program relevant to their respective concentration and 24 credit hours in their area of concentration. 

Minors are also available in these languages. Additionally, the department also offers two interdisciplinary minors: We offer a minor in Classics in conjunction with the Department of Philosophy. We also offer a minor in Applied Linguistics.

 Students can also take Courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Modern Greek  under the Lesser Taught Languages (LTLs) program, as well as Latin and Classical Greek in the regular curriculum.

Although the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature has no graduate degree program, graduate-level course work at the 500 level is offered in Spanish, French and German languages. Students may enroll in the Alternative Masters program in the College of Education and Professional Studies with a specialization in a Foreign Language. For information about this program, please contact the head of the appropriate language section in the Department of Foreign Languages.

You will find a description of the courses required for each of the four concentrations (French, German, Russian and Spanish) as well for the common core program on this website. The website also offers information on the alternative masters program and on the minor in Classics and Applied Linguistics.

A complete listing of requirements and course descriptions for all classes can also be found in the University Bulletin. You may also consult the schedule of courses for the current or upcoming semesters.You can find more details about this program in the link  on the sidebar. 

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers scholarships and awards to eligible majors. Qualified majors will receive aid to help them fulfill this requirement (see Scholarships)