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IS 100 Global Issues (3cr) Introduction to the basic structural components of global system including the nation-state system and world economy. Course helps students understand the complex and interlinked issues facing global society.    sample syllabus

IS 200 People/ Nations (Variable Content) (3cr) Interdisciplinary focus on a particular nation or region of the world.

IS 290 and IS 490 Special Topics (Varibale Content) (3cr) Studies selected topics within a particular Area of Concentration.

IS 391 Study Abroad (0cr) International exchange programs for University of South Alabama students. Grading is S/U. Permission of the IS Director.

IS 473 International Law (3cr) This course covers major issues, cases and topics in public and private international law.  Topics covered include individuals and corporations, diplomatic relations, extraterritorial jurisdiction, human rights, economic relations, treaty systems, environmental law, arbitration and adjudication, and the use of force.  (Identical to CJ 473 and PSC 473).

IS 475 International Political Economy (3cr) An integrative course that combines material from political science, economics, international relations, and general business studies.  Topics covered include public policy towards multinational corporations, issues of globalization, theoretical issues about international political economy, trade and finance, and the like. (Identical to PSC 475).

IS 492 Seminar (Variable Content) (3cr) Advanced study of selected topics from a comparative perspective. May be repeated for credit when content varies. Pre-requisite: IS 100.

IS 495 Senior Research Seminar (3cr) Capstone course provides an interdisciplinary and cross-regional overview of the fields within international studies and an opportunity for students to develop individual research projects on international problems. All IS majors must take this research seminar in their senior year. Students can opt to do a study abroad research project in place of the seminar. Prerequisites: Completion of all other core courses, substantial fulfillment of other requirements in the program and senior standing.

IS 494 Directed Studies (3cr) Directed research in the field of international studies. Prerequisite: Permission of the IS Director.

IS 496 Internship (3-9 cr) Practical learning experiences through occupational or professional work with an approved international organization, government agency or international business. Pre-requisite: Permission of the IS Director.

IS 591 Study Abroad (0cr) International exchange programs for University of South Alabama graduate students. Grading is S/U. Permission of the IS Director.


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