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Course Description:

Senior Seminar (LG 480) is designed to broaden and enhance the study-abroad experience through the discussion of such topics as comparative cross-cultural behaviors and mind-sets, culture shock, cultural stereotypes, and cultural metaphors. Along with short lectures and discussion periods, classes will consist of student presentations and continued contact with the target culture through conversation sections with native speakers. The course serves as the capstone to the major, covering approaches to the study of culture and research skills. Another aspect of LG 480 Senior Seminar is as an assessment of the students’ degree of success during their tenure at USA. A comprehensive senior assessment exam will be administered as part of the course for the purpose of evaluating the major’s achievements and gauge the success level therein. Finally, the course considers career opportunities for foreign language majors and prepares them for research in the humanities through a broad introduction to the topic. 

Course Objectives:

Upon completing the course, students will have a good working knowledge of foreign-language print and internet sources and library research techniques. They will be better prepared to interact more effectively with members of other cultures on both professional and personal levels, and will have practical knowledge of how to put their language skills and study-abroad experience to best use in the global marketplace.


Course Prerequisites: Completion of the departmental study abroad requirement; EH102.


Fall 2014 Syllabus

Fall 2013 Syllabus

Fall 2012 Syllabus

Top Senior Seminar Presentations



Trinh, Khanh

Time, Space and Fantasy in Haruki Murakami and Carlos Fuentes



Yunker, Daniela

Patriotism in Germany












Mitchell, Logan

Green” in Germany without Going “Red”


Colbourne, George

Le Tour d’argent


Williams, Kristi

The Evolution of Café Culture in France to Include the Mysterious Success of Starbucks and McDonald’s


Calhoun, Nancy

Present Day Mexican Education Reform










LG 480: Senior Seminar

Class of 2013


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