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Classical Studies Minor (Foreign Languages and Philosophy)
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The minor in Classical Studies provides an interdisciplinary investigation of the culture of the ancient Greek and Latin world: its languages, literature, history, art, drama, philosophy, and religion. Recognizing the achievements of the classical world and its influence on the thought, academic disciplines, and institutions of the western world today, this minor stresses a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the classics in an interdisciplinary context. Drawing on contemporary theoretical approaches, the minor develops students’ critical thinking and writing skills. Students who later enter careers as diverse as business, medicine, law, the arts, and humanities can benefit from a study of the classical world, whether their concentration be linguistic, literary, historical, archaeological, philosophical, or artistic.

    Core Course: CL 110, Introduction to Ancient Greek and Roman Culture
    A survey of the history, literature, philosophy religion, art architecture, sociology, and political institutions of the Greek and Roman world with readings I translation from major Greek and Latin authors.

    LG 101 and LG 102 Introductory Latin I and Latin II or
    LG 141 and LG 142 Introductory Classical Greek I and II.
    Completion of either sequence also satisfies the Arts and Sciences General Education requirement for proficiency in a foreign Language.

    At least one humanities, one history/social science, and one fine arts course from the offerings below.

    The election of additional courses from the offerings below to add upt to 21 hours.
    (Special Topics or Seminar offerings in the Departments listed below may count in the relevant area if the course has a predominant classical studies component.)


LG 141 and LG 142 Introductory Classical Greek
LG 241 and LG 242 Intermediate Classical Greek
LG 101 and LG 102 Introductory Latin
LG 201 and LG 202 Intermediate Latin

PHL 240 Western Philosophy: Classical and Medieval
PHL 310 Classical Mythology
PHL 310 Classical Mythology
PHL 311 Political Philosophy I: Classical and Medieval
EH 235 Survey of World Literature I
EH 402 Rhetoric: Ancient and Modern

HY 101 Western Civilization I
IS 200 People and Nations of the World: Greece
AN 101 Introduction to Archaeology
AN 106 Honors Introduction to Archaeology
PSC 311 Political Philosophy I: Classical and Medieval

ARH 304 Ancient Greek Art and Architecture
ARH 406 Roman Art
DRA 350 Theater History I



Greece Turkey Study Abroad Program


Ancient Greek Professor: Christine Poston
Latin Professor: Gloria Greenspun

Latin I Syllabus:  Syllabus Latin I USA
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