NCFS 2007 Call for Papers



High/Low :  Nineteenth-Century French Cultures


33rd Annual 19th-Century French Studies Colloquium
University of South Alabama


Mobile, Alabama
18-20 October 2007


The topic of this colloquium, "High/Low: Nineteenth-Century French Cultures," is broadly conceived to encourage contributions from a wide range of disciplines and theoretical perspectives.  Contributions dealing with how the High and the Low enter into the literary discourse, visual rhetoric, political, social and personal realms of nineteenth-century France are particularly welcome.


Possible paper topics may include (but will not be limited to):

            Canons and counter-canons

Popular literature

            Children’s literature

            Le roman feuilleton


            Caricature and socio-political critique

Popular entertainments and/or “legitimate” theater

            La Chanson

Popular and/or “official” cultural movements

            Institutions and the beaux-arts

            The Académies

            Institutions and crime

Education and institutions in reform

            Scandal and provocation

Commodification of the arts

Poetic innovations

            Literary prizes

                Popular appetites and/or haute cuisine


Documentation of high and low culture

Museums and archives


Anniversaries of note for 2007:

1807    Publication of Corinne

1857    Publication of Madame Bovary and Les Fleurs du mal

                        Death of Musset

                        Death of Eugene Sue

Death of Auguste Comte

1907    Death of Sully-Prudhomme

                        Death of Huysmans

                        Death of Alfred Jarry


Submissions for individual papers or sessions may be in French or English and should be in the form of an abstract (300-350 words) sent as an email attachment in Word (preferred) or by post. The deadline for all submissions is 15 March 2007.


Conference Email:

Conference Organizer:  Susan McCready

Postal Address for Abstracts: 7925 Chicago Avenue, #203, Silver Spring, MD  20910

Telephone:  301 588 0957


Registration and Accommodation details will be posted in the spring of 2007.

Information on the Mobile, Alabama area is available at