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Peer-Reviewed Articles

"Bare Life, Indigenous Viscerality and Cholo Barbarity in Jesús Lara's Yanakuna"Forthcoming Fall 2014,

Transmodernity: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World

"'Pirate Utopias’: From the Archive to Homeless Writing in Edmundo Paz Soldán’s Novels" Bulletin of Spanish Studies Summer 2014.

Chuño Palma: A National Subject in Mother’s TimeA Contracorriente Winter 2010, 137-164.

“Oscar Cerruto’s Aluvión de fuego: An Incomplete Narrative of a Fragmented Bolivian Nation” Chasqui, May 2009, 84-103.

“Moon, Stars and Sharing the Sky of Nationhood in Cristina García’s The Aguero Sisters Hispanófila, September 2008, 73-86.

The Emergence of Mestizaje in the Works of Adolfo Costa du Rels” The Latin Americanist, Fall 2006, 74-102.

Non Peer-Reviewed Review Essay

“Acercamientos a estudios de recepción: dos obras sobre India y el mundo hispánico” (trad.) Rita Fernández. Papeles de La India. Vol. 25, 1997, 112-129.   


Book Review

“The Andes Imagined: Indigenismo, Society and Modernity” The Latin Americanist.Winter 2010



Mapping the Bolivian (Post)Nation through a Genealogy of Affect in Elba Tejerina’s Vida, arena y sal 59th Annual conference of SECOLAS, Gainesville, March 29thth 2012

Cartographies of the Present: Memory, Postnationalism and Writing the American ‘here and now’ in  Carmen Boullosa’s La novela perfecta  Annual PCAS/ACAS Conference, New Orleans,  October 8th, 2011


Enrique Finot’s Tierra Adentro and the Evolving Dynamic of Race and Regionalism in Bolivia, 2nd Biennial conference of Society of Andean and Amazonic Studies, Gainesville, November 6th 2010. 

Postnational Narratives of National History. 58th Annual conference of SECOLAS, Wilmington, March 19th 2011.

Palacio Quemado: Writing a New Narrative Amidst the Ruins of a Nation 56th Annual conferenceof SECOLAS, New Orleans, april 18th 2009.

Electric Dreams and Evanescent Realities: Technology and the Emergence of a Globalized Culture in the Fictions of Edmundo Paz Soldán and Philip K. Dick. PCAS Conference held in Jacksonville florida on September 29th-29th 2007.

(In)corporating the Indian: Power, Body and Identity in Jesús Lara’s Yanakuna. 53rd South Eastern Council of Latin American Studies, Charlotte, NC, April 2006.

National Spaces, Political Subjects and Indigenous Bodies in Oscar Cerruto’s Aluvión de fuego. 59th Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, April 2006.

The Limits of Exteriority or Exteriority as Limit?”: Enrique Dussel and the   Modern Project in Bolivia. 52nd South Eastern Council of Latin American Studies conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, April 2005.

Nations at a Crossroads: The Emergence of Mestizaje in Adolfo Costa du Rels’ Tierras hechizadas 3rd Bolivian Studies Association Conference, Florida International University, Miami, February 2005.

Engendering the Bolivian Nation-State: The Mestiza, the Popular, and the Pedagogical in La niña de sus ojos and La Chaskañawi V women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies conference, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, U.K. March-April 2004

The Hybrid Others of a Hybrid Modernity: A Critical Appraisal of the Other in Enrique Dussel and Dipesh Chakrabarty Mid American Conference of Hispanic Literatures, Washington University, St. Louis, September 2002

The Fissured Texts of Brilliant Weavers: A Discussion of Translation through Two Bolivian Novels”Boston College, Boston, April 2002.

Aluvión de fuego: A Narrative in Quest of Nation” Eleventh Charles Fraker Graduate Student’s conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, February 2002.

The Agüero Sisters: Subaltern Positions, Hegemonic Designs British Society for Latin American Studies, Birmingham University, Birmingham, United Kingdom, April 2001.

 The Fissured Texts of Brilliant Weavers Tenth Charles Fraker Graduate Students’ Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 2001.

Provincializing Europe: A Latin American Perspective Comparative Literatures Inter Faculty and Students’ Forum (CLIFF), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, February 2001.



University of South Alabama Research Council Award, 2004

Arts And Sciences Summer Research Fellow award 2004

Rackham One Term Fellowship (2003)

Romance Languages Summer Research Fellowship (2002, 2001, 2000&1999)

Rackham Humanities Research Fellowship (2001)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Summer Research Fellowship (2000)

University Grants Commission of India’s Junior Research Fellowship (1995-1997)

Rafael Iruzubieta Outstanding Student in M.A. Award, Jawaharlal Nehru

University, New Delhi, (1994). 


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