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LG 333 Spanish Conversation and Composition

LG 335 Business and Commercial Spanish

LG 337 Medical Spanish

LG 336 Introduction to Textual Analysis

LG 431 Introduction to Hispanic Culture and Civilization

LG 435 Readings in Latin American Literature of the 20th century

LG 433 Readings in Latin American Literature

LG 480 Senior Seminar

LG 492/ 592 Variable Topic Graduate Seminar



Variable Topic Graduate Seminars Taught

LG 592 The Urban Space in the Latin American Novel of 20th and 21st Centuries

LG 592 Motherhood and the State in the Latin American Novel ofLate Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

LG 592 Themes and Tendencies of Contemporary Latin American Literature

LG 592 The Pioneers: Feminine Interventions in Political, Social and Literary debates during the Nineteenth Century in theHispanic World

LG 592 Nation, Technology, and Narrative in the Contemporary Detective Novel in Latin America

LG 592 Seminar on Jorge Luis Borges (WEB)

LG 592 Seminar Mario Vargas Llosa's Peru (WEB)



LG 131 Elementary Spanish I

LG 132 Elementary Spanish II

LG 231 Intermediate Spanish I

LG 232 Intermediate Spanish II



Undergraduate Honors Theses

Director: Megan Heatherly. “Immigrants in Spanish Cinema” In Progress University Honors Program

Director. Tina O’Shea. “The Healing Touch: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Perceptions of the Physician in Early Twentieth Century Latin America and the United States.” Fall 2008-Spring 2009. University Honors Program.

Reader: Monica Whatley. “ A Demographic Study of East European Immigrants to the united States: 1990-2010” In Progress University Honors Program

Reader. John Havard. “Consumerism in Contemporary Literature.” Fall 2004. Departmental Honors Thesis in English.

Graduate Theses

Reader. Peggy Tran. “Memories and Morsels.” Fall 2008-Spring 2009. English Department.

Reader. Amber Wingfield. “Feminism’s Third Wave and the Feminist Revisionist Film Subgenre. Spring 2008-Fall 2009. English Department.


Directed Studies

Gabriel Tynes and Brad Seipel. LG 494. “El Aleph of Jorge Luis Borges.” Spring 2006.

Stephanie Bosarge. LG 494. “Insights into Service Learning Through a Case Study of Teaching English to Hispanic Immigrants in the Greater Mobile Region.” Fall 2007



University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Residential College

Readings in Spanish Literature (Spanish 324), Fall 2002


Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Introduction to the Study of Literature (Spanish 320)

Reading and Composition (Spanish 276)

Elementary Spanish (Spanish 232)

Introduction to Readings in Spanish (Spanish 111)

Elementary Spanish (Spanish 103)

Elementary Spanish (Spanish 101),


Department of Asian Languages

Elementary Hindi

Intermediate Hindi


Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Introduction to Spanish Oral Expression, Winter 1997

Introduction to Spanish Oral Expression, Monsoon 1996

Introduction to Spanish Culture and Civilization, Winter 1996

Introduction to Latin American Culture and Society, Monsoon 1995
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