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Mike Carmichael

"Room with a View"
August 2, 2010–December 17, 2010 (First Floor Gallery)

The photographs in this exhibit represent experiences Mr. Carmichael has had exploring several of the pristine lakes, creeks and rivers in Alabama. All of the images were captured from a jon boat. Most are from Big Creek Lake. Photography, for Mike Carmichael, is a process that begins with an experience which captivates his interest and motivates him to examine relationships between this experience and certain visual attributes in the environment. Capturing and presenting these attributes becomes an extension of the original experience. Experience is the subject of his photography.

Mr. Carmichael began his photographic experience with his enlistment in the United States Navy. He attended the Naval School of Photography and completed his four-year enlistment as a photographer’s mate. After his military tour, he secured employment with the College of Medicine’s Department of Learning Resources as a medical photographer. After three years he transferred to the Department of Health Sciences Educational Development where he worked as a medical education specialist. In 1980 he was appointed director of Learning Resources. The department has since undergone many changes including names. He now is director of the Department of Educational Technologies and Services.

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