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"War and Medicine"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
Third Floor Gallery
April 20 - October 2, 2015

Out of the devastation and horrors of war, medical and surgical innovations emerged which have saved countless lives both on and off the battlefields. The use of mass inoculations and vaccinations, development of lightweight and movable prosthetic limbs, improvement of intravenous and blood transfusion techniques, antibiotic medications, sanitation, advancements of cardiac and vascular surgery, and the development of Emergency Medical Triage Systems are just a few of the innovations which developed as a result of conflict. Displaying artifacts from the Mobile Medical Museum, the exhibit “War and Medicine” will highlight common medical and surgical practices used during the major engagements of the United States of America and identify how each war advanced medicine and surgery.

Located in the historic Vincent-Doan house, the Mobile Medical Museum features a collection of artifacts and resources that chronicle the history of medicine in Mobile. The collection began in 1962 with a gift of approximately 100 artifacts and documents donated by Mrs. Patricia Heustis Paterson as a memorial to her father, Dr. James F. Heustis (1828-1891), a native Mobilian with an outstanding medical career.

The Medical Museum not only preserves and displays important medical artifacts, but the building itself is a showcase piece. The Vincent-Doan house is one of the oldest houses in Mobile and one of the oldest surviving examples of French colonial style architecture in the state. It is listed on the Historic America Buildings Survey of the National Parks and the National Register of Historic Places. The house was originally a residence, which was built in 1827 by Captain Benjamin Vincent. It is located at 1664 Spring Hill Avenue adjacent to USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital.

“War and Medicine” will be on exhibit from April 20 – October 2, 2015 in the display cases on the third floor of the Marx Library in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art.


"Our Neighbors"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
First Floor Gallery
January - April 30, 2015

“Our Neighbors,” a new photography exhibition by Vincent Lawson, is currently on display at the USA Marx Library. Lawson has been teaching USA special courses photography classes for over 11 years. He has a strong passion for taking real life photographs that capture the still, small moments in life that would otherwise fade away and be lost. The photos in this exhibit are beautiful examples of Lawson’s talent for capturing and preserving these images on film.

This exhibit has very special meaning to Vincent. He states, “It is my goal that this project will help those who have little or nothing, whose dreams have been shattered, who think that no one cares for them, who think that they don’t matter. If this project can change one person’s way of thinking, it will be a success. ‘Our Neighbors’ came about from one photograph. The message comes from Luke 10:29-37. Who is our neighbor? It’s a simple question, but the answer is quite often ignored. Jesus was asked the question ‘who is my neighbor?’ And His answer is in Luke 10:30-37. These photographs represent our neighbors in this present day and time. These photographs also ask a question: if you see an individual in need, will you pass them by or help them? The two choices are: Empathy or Apathy. It’s as simple as that. The goal is more awareness of our neighbors’ needs.”

This exhibit will be on display in the first floor gallery of the Marx Library during the months of January, February, March, and April 2015. All exhibits are free and open to the public during regular Library hours.


"Permanent Collection Exhibit"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art
March 2013- July 2013

The USA Library has worked diligently over the years to promote the
University and Mobile arts. The galleries at the Library feature more
than 10 shows a year and serve as venues to support and cultivate
local art. Currently displayed in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles
Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art, located on the third floor of the USA
Library, is an exhibit showcasing the Library’s permanent art
collection. This show provides a unique chance to view pieces that are
often not available to the public. The exhibit is on display through
July 2013 and is free and open to the public during Library hours.

Most of the pieces in the show have been donated to the Library from
prominent local artists. The pieces in the permanent collection are
placed throughout the Library in public service areas, offices and
various departments. Debby Sneed, a local abstract artist, recently
donated one of her paintings, “Sahara,” after showcasing her work in
the Rodning Gallery. Several of Michael Thomas Gillies nature
paintings are displayed in the exhibit, while his works normally
reside in the Circulation Department. Mary Rodning, for whom the
Rodning Gallery of art is named, also has a piece in the show.

The Library seeks to enhance the student experience by providing a
comfortable and approachable place to research and learn. The art
serves as a mechanism to enhance the academic environment by promoting
creativity and providing a visual learning opportunity. The University
Library is home to many gifts of art, including an original Rembrandt
etching donated to the University of South Alabama by the Class of
1963. Works have also been donated by local and regional artists,
including Linda Hall Tenhunfeld, Konstantyn Sylin, Susan Hales, Josh
Ashley, Michael Mastro, Martin Battilana, Russell Goodloe, among


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