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Yuko Takushige Jordan, Teri Odell and Lynda Smith Touart

Three Take on Texture
University of South Alabama Library
(Third Floor Gallery)
May 4, 2010 –June 30, 2010

Three Take on Texture. The three are Yuko Takushige Jordan, Teri Odell and Lynda Smith Touart. Together they displayed a collection of ceramics; baskets, trays, bowls and gourds made from the art of pine needle coiling; and ink, acrylic, or color pencil on paper. Each artist emphasized the importance of texture: the feeling a texture gives and the importance of surface textures to design.

Yuko Takushige Jordan was born and raised in Japan. In August of 1988, she visited Mobile as a summer language student at Spring Hill College. She fell in love with the southern way of life in her first but short one month stay. She returned to Mobile and attended St. Paul’s Episcopal School. She studied ceramics, painting, drawing, intaglio, photography, graphics design and sculpture as a Bachelor of Fine Arts student at the University of South Alabama. She graduated in March 1994 with honors and a concentration in ceramics.

Teri Odell along with two of her students, Carole Valine and Laura Adams, displayed a collection of baskets, trays, bowls and gourds. Pine needle coiling, which has been around from some 9000 years, was a dying art. Fortunately, it is an art that is being revived all over America. The feel and texture of a pine needle basket is different than any other basket because these baskets are coiled, not woven. They are very light, and yet surprisingly solid.

Lynda Smith Touart is fascinated by reflections and details found in objects. The surface textures are an important part of the design. On display were 15 of Lynda’s creations in ink, acrylic, and color pencil on paper. Lynda is a native of Mobile. She received her BFA in painting from the University of South Alabama and her MFA in painting from Florida State University. She is a member of the Watercolor & Graphic Arts society of Mobile and has won numerous awards for her works.

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