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In order to comply with all federal copyright laws, state ethics laws and other state laws, the
following policy is effective immediately and supersedes the policy distributed January, 1995. 
The sale of academic materials including texts, supplementary texts and other supplementary
materials directly to students by either an individual faculty member or staff employee or by the
academic department is prohibited. All academic materials as indicated above must be sold
through the Bookstore.
State law requires that outside college bookstore retailers be informed of required and optional
textbooks and any other academic materials sold to students such as custom published and
supplementary academic learning materials (course packs). The University Bookstore will be
responsible for preparing a list of these and will make such lists available to off-campus retailers
and/or their representatives no more than two (2) working days from the time they are
established. Also, all off-campus retailers will be allowed to purchase the items on the list from
the Bookstore at a discount, if a margin is added, or at cost if no margin is used, provided the
copyright agreement legally covers such a sale.


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