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"'Student Works' are papers, computer programs, theses, dissertations, artistic and musical
works, and other creative works made by students. (For purposes of this policy, the term 'students' includes teaching, graduate, and research assistants.)
Ownership: Ownership of the copyright to these works belongs to the student unless the work
falls within one of the exceptions described below:
Sponsored or Externally Contracted Works: Ownership shall be in accordance with the section of
this policy on sponsored or externally contracted works made by faculty or other exempt
employees. Works for Hire: Student Works created by students in the course of their
employment with the University shall be considered to fall within the scope of Work for Hire in
accordance with the section of this policy on Work for Hire made by staff. Classroom,
laboratory, and other academic materials generated by students in the instructional process:
Students have a limited right to use these materials for personal, educational purposes. Students
may not use these materials for commercial gain. As provided by the University policy or as
agreed to mutually, rights in student works may be transferred between the student and the
University. In such cases, a written Assignment Agreement shall specify the respective rights
and obligations of the parties. The parties may also negotiate for joint ownership of such works,
with the approval of the appropriate University official or body." USA Copyright Policy, page 3-
4 (January 2010) The entire USA Copyright Policy can be found online at

University of South Alabama