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The Lowdown
  Student Rights and Responsibilities
  Student Code of Conduct
  Academic Disruption Policy
  Substance Abuse Policy
  University Alcohol Policy
  Security Policies and Procedures
  Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy
  Student Record Policy
  Personnel Policies for Student Employees
  Policy for Non-Discrimination
  Sale of Academic Materials
  Copyright Policy for Students
  USA Posting Policy
  USA Solicitation Policy
  Student Center Posting Policy
  Housing Rules and Regulations
  Registration Process
  USA Student Computer Policy
  Study Abroad Policy
  Traffic/Parking Policy
  Lowdown Handbook (PDF)

This policy applies to the entire campus except when superseded by written policies of Housing
and Residential Life, the Athletic Department, and the Student Center. Any member of the
University community may remove materials posted which are not in accordance with this
policy. Those needing an interpretation of this policy may receive such from the Director of the
Student Center.
Approval Process:
Approval for all flyers, posters, and banners (with the above exceptions) is done at the Student
Center Information Desk located on the first floor. Groups or departments that have their own
board do not need to receive approval. All approved materials must be denoted by a stamp. (To
advertise in the Residential Halls, all inquiries must be taken to the Central Housing Area
for approval by the Associate Director of Housing.) All posters must bear the stamped
approval of the Student Center Office except in those areas designated as space for a specific
organization or department.
Only material which does not conflict with the educational mission of the University shall be
approved. Posters that announce meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by registered
University student organizations, Student Services, or Academic departments are allowed in all
University buildings. Only four flyers or posters will be approved for the entire campus for
Administrative Departments; individuals; non-recognized student, staff, or faculty groups; or for
any group not affiliated with the University. These flyers will be approved for posting by SC
staff only in the following locations: 1) two flyers in the Student Center; 2) Administration
Building, basement; 3) Library, first floor, entrance. Exceptions may be made at specific
buildings by the appropriate staff or administrative personnel. All material must include: the
name of the sponsoring group, individual or department and, if necessary, an English translation accompanying the material. Materials may not contain obscene drawings or illustrations.
Materials may not restrict participation on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin,
religion, or disability. Materials may not make any reference in print or graphics to alcohol. For
fundraisers, all beneficiaries of the fund-raising effort must be specified in the promotional
Materials not approved for posting by the Information Desk may be approved by the Director of
the Student Center.
Flyer: any paper not exceeding the size 81/2 by 11 inches. Poster: any paper not exceeding the
size 24 x 17 inches.
As noted under ‘Criteria’, only three flyers are allowed for Administrative Departments,
individuals, unofficial or non-recognized University groups, and groups not affiliated with the
University. For approved and registered USA student organizations, student services, and
academic departments, no more than 50 combination of flyers and posters will be approved
(outside Housing) for posting for meetings and events targeted to a select group. Up to 200 flyers
and posters will be approved for events open to the entire University community. No more than
two posters for the same event are allowed on the same floor of any building.
Flyers and posters may be posted in the following buildings in the following locations unless
prohibited in the future by notice, exclusive use by another organization, or by common sense.
They should never be hung where they cover previously posted (and current) flyers. If in doubt,
please check with the appropriate building staff to determine acceptable locations.
Administration Building - approved bulletin board in basement. Posters and flyers are not
allowed on the first floor.
Classroom Buildings - approved bulletin boards.
Business Building - approved bulletin boards.
Cafeteria - approved bulletin boards.
P.E. Building - approved bulletin boards.
Medical Building - student lounge bulletin board.
Library - bulletin board in front lobby.
Life Science - approved boards on each floor.
Humanities - in hallway joining the two wings.
Bookstore - space between two front doors.
Engineering Building - approved bulletin boards.
Post Office - approved bulletin boards. Recreation Center - any poster must be approved by the
Director of the Campus Recreation Center.
Student Center - refer to the SC poster policy.
Materials may be posted until the event is completed or for a maximum of 30 days. The SC staff
will remove posters on the last day of each month. All groups are encouraged to remove their
own materials in a timely fashion and to remove other dated material when posting their own.
Multi-date events may be posted for an entire quarter; however, such posters will be taken down
at the conclusion of each quarter. Exceptions may be made for posters promoting on-going programs of Student Services.
No posters are allowed on painted surfaces, the outside of any building, doors, glass, trees.
Exceptions may be made for location of flyers within a building IF the information pertains
specifically to use of that building (ie: No Smoking, Hours, etc.) Special regulations governing
student campaigns may be adopted by the SGA Election Committee.
Failure to comply with the above rules may result in the suspension of poster privileges for
offending organization(s) and/or individuals.

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