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All USA students studying abroad, participating in an international experience (internships,
research, etc.) are required to register through the USA Office of International Education in order
to participate in their chosen international activity. Financial aid disbursement, academic credit,
etc. must be coordinated through the Office of International Education with the respective USA
administrative units. USA Abroad Policy: All students receiving academic credit for study,
interning, doing research or participating in an experience abroad for academic credit must be
enrolled in USA abroad International Studies course while abroad (check with the USA Office of
International Education for course and section numbers). This includes participation in USA
faculty led USA Abroad programs as well as other USA study abroad programs offered by other
universities and third party program providers. To participate in USA Abroad undergraduate
students must be 19 years of age prior to departure from the US and be in good academic and
non-academic standing at the time of participation in the program. An overall GPA of 2.5 is
recommended; students with lower GPA's may request special consideration for participation, most non USA hosted programs require GPA's of 2.5 or higher.
With some planning study abroad can be fully integrated in USA degree programs and applied to
core, major, minor and elective courses. Prior knowledge of a foreign language is not required
although many programs provide access to all levels of language learning. Opportunities abroad
may last from one month to a full academic year and are available for all semesters including
summer. Upon receipt of a completed USA application including the course approval form(s)
students may be enrolled in the USA Abroad course. With this registration students receive
academic credit for courses taken abroad and while abroad have access to a 24/7 emergency
assistance network. Additionally this registration provides access to study abroad advising and
support services. All students planning on studying abroad must attend required USA Abroad
information and predeparture sessions. By participating in an approved program, students may
retain official fulltime USA student status and may apply for financial aid. Freshmen are
encouraged to begin planning their study abroad upon arrival on the USA campus. Scholarship
information is available through OlE on USA scholarships for specific disciplines as well as for
external sources such as the Gilman Scholarship, the Freeman Asia Scholarship, the US
Fulbright Awards for graduating seniors and the National Security Education Program for
Undergraduates and Graduates. Additionally students eligible for the Alabama prepaid tuition
(PACT) program, vocational rehab and veterans benefits may apply these funds to their study
abroad program. Please visit the OIE Web site at www.usouthal.edu/intemational or schedule an
appointment for an information session. Graduate Students are encouraged to incorporate
international experiences in their academic program through participation in study, research,
internship and work abroad experiences. For more information please contact your departments
and the USA Office of International Education. Financial Aid for Study Abroad: Students
wishing to use their financial aid program for study abroad opportunities should contact their
financial aid advisor and the Office of International Education. Financial aid may be available
based on student eligibility and certification of the program through the USA Office of
International Education in collaboration with the USA Financial Aid Office.

University of South Alabama