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  Vice Presidents  

Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr., Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
460-7616, TRP III, Suite 2150, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Mr. Wayne Davis, Vice President for Financial Affairs
460-6132, AD 170, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. Ron Franks, Vice President for Health Sciences
460-7189, CSAB 170, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Mr. Stan Hammack, Vice President for Health Systems
471-7118, UMC - Suite 3040, Mobile, AL 36617-2293

Dr. Russ Lea, Vice President for Research
460-6333, AD 200, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. G. David Johnson, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
460-6261, AD 300, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. John W. Smith, Vice President for Student Services & Special Assistant to the President
460-6171, SC 270, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. J. David Stearns, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
460-6494, MH 2400, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. B. Keith Harrison, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate School
460-6261, AD 300, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

  Dr. Richard Talbott, Dean, College of Allied Health Professions
445-9250, HAHN 3042

Dr. Andrzei Wierzbicki, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
460-6282, HUMB 118

Dr. Alec Yasinsac, Dean, School of Computing
460-6390, FCW 20

Dr. Vaughn Milner, Dean, School of Continuing Education and Special Programs
460-6283, AHE 101

Dr. Richard L. Hayes, Dean, College of Education
380-2738, UCOM 3614

Dr. John Steadman, Dean, College of Engineering
460-6140, EGCB 108

Dr. Richard J. Wood, Dean, University Libraries
460-7021, LB 145

Dr. Samuel Strada, Dean, College of Medicine
460-7187, CSAB 170, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Dr. Carl Moore, Dean, Mitchell College of Business
460-6419, MCOB 106

Dr. Debra Davis, Dean, College of Nursing
445-9404, HAHN 3071

Dr. Michael Mitchell, Dean of Students
460-6172, SC 270
University of South Alabama