S.L. Varghese

S.L. Varghese

Department Chair
Office: ILB 113
Phone: (251) 460-6224 Ext. 6-2132
e-mail: svarghese@southalabama.edu


Ph.D., Yale University, 1974
M.S., University of Louisville, 1967
M.Sc., Kerala University-India, 1965
B.Sc., Kerala University-India, 1963

Research Interests

Atomic and Molecular Physics, Ion-Atom Collisions, Chemical Physics.

Selected Publications

  1. "Recent Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy Experiments at KSU",
    M. Abdallah, C. L. Cocke, S. Kravis, E. C. Montenegro, R. Moshammer, L. Saleh, J. Ullrich, and S. L. Varghese, AIP Conference Proceedings, 14th International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, p 209-212 (1997)

  2. "Charge State Dependence of Binary-Encounter-Electron Cross Sections and Peak Energies",
    H.I. Hidmi, P. Richard, J.M. Sanders, H. Schoene, J.P. Giese, D.H. Lee, T.J.M. Zouros and S.L. Varghese, Phys. Rev. A48, 4421-4427 (1993).

  3. "Electron Capture by O8+ from Aligned Molecular Deuterium",
    S. Cheng, C. L. Cocke, V. Frohne, E. Y. Kamber, and S. L. Varghese, Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. (Physics Research) B56/57, 78-81 (1991).

  4. "Double Excitation of He by Fast Ions",
    J. P. Giese, M. Schulz, J. K. Swenson, H. Schone, A. Benhenni, S. L. Varghese, C. R. Vane, P. F. Dittner, S. M. Shafroth, and S. Datz, Phys. Rev. A42, 1231-1244 (1990).

  5. "Measurement of Electron Capture and Ionization Cross-Sections for D2 in Collisions with Fast O8+ Ions",
    S. Cheng, C. L. Cocke, E. Y. Kamber, C. C. Hsu, and S. L. Varghese, Phys. Rev. A42, 214-222 (1990).

  6. "Electron Capture Phenomena in Proton-Atom and Proton-Molecule Collisions",
    S. L. Varghese, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. (Physics Research) B24/25, 115-118 (1987).

  7. "Atomic Total Electron-Capture Cross Sections from C-, O-, F-, and S-Bearing Molecular Gases for MeV/u, H+ and He+ Projectiles",
    S. L. Varghese, G. Bissinger, J. M. Joyce, and R. Laubert, Phys. Rev. A31, 2202-2209 (1985).

  8. "Electron Capture from Lithium by Protons and Helium Ions",
    S. L. Varghese, W. Waggoner, and C. L. Cocke, Phys. Rev. A29, 2453-2456 (1984).

  9. "Lifetime Measurements of the 1P1 State of Helium-like Si and Cl",
    S. L. Varghese, C. L. Cocke, B. Curnutte, and G. Seaman, J. Phys. B9, L387-389 (1976).

  10. "Evidence for Formation of the First Excited State of Positronium",
    S. L. Varghese, E. S. Ensberg, V. W. Hughes, and I. Lindgren, Adventures in Experimental Physics, 4, 120-123 (1974).

Selected Honors

  • Outstanding Scholar Award, University of South Alabama Alumni Association
  • Listed in 'American Men and Women of Science'
  • Listed in 'Who is Who in Technology Today'
  • Listed in Marquis' 'Who's Who in Frontier Science and Technology'


U.S. Patent #4364 263
"High Pressure Liquid chromatographic System." Issued to Sankoorikal L. Varghese and Keith D. Holmes, Jr.

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