MEchHeat is a tool for calculating the temperature of a thermistor from its resistance.  The user provides a plain ASCII calibration file containing temperature and resistance data for the thermistor to be used.  MEchHeat plots the provided calibration data and performs a least-squares fit to determine the Steinhart-Hart coefficients (with uncertainties) for the thermistor being used.  Once calibrated, MEchHeat will calculate the temperature based on a user-supplied resistance.

MEchHeat was developed for use with PASCO Scientific’s “Mechanical Equivalent of Heat” apparatus, but it can be used with any thermistor provided the user supplies the data file for calibration.  By default, MEchHeat uses the temperature vs. resistance data furnished by PASCO scientific for use with the thermistor embedded in the aluminum cylinder of PASCO’s “Mechanical Equivalent of Heat” apparatus. 

Available Downloads
  1. Download MEchHeat - This is a small zip file containing the executable (mechheat.exe), the help file (meh_help.pdf), and the calibration file for PASCO's thermistor (T_vs_R.dat).

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  2. Download Help File - Download just the MEchHeat help file.
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Developed by Michael Boleman at the Department of Physics,   University of South Alabama, Mobile AL.