JagFit: JagFit is a free plotting/fitting program that was designed for our teaching laboratories. 

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Download Jagfit

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  • Linear Fits
  • Polynomial Fits.
  • Plots include error bars. (User input or estimated)
  • Fit parameters given with uncertainties. χ2also returned.
  • Save graph to a bitmap or JPEG image.
  • Export data table to ASCII file.
  • Enter up to 200 Data Points.
  • Add/Delete columns to the data table.
  • Select which columns to use for plotting and which to use for error bars.
  • Results of using the function utility can now be put in any column you choose.
  • Exponential and Power Law fits. 
  • Semi-Log and Log-Log plots.
  • Fit only a selection of rows in your data table. Useful for excluding a 'bad data point' from your fit.

Department of Physics
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688