Below is the list of upcoming Degree Works Training Workshops available to faculty. To register for one of these workshops, click here. You will be instructed to enter your Jag Number and Email Address and a link will be sent to your JagMail email account. Click on the link and you will be directed to the list of workshops available.

NOTE: There is a minimum of 5 attendees for a workshop to be held. Participants will be notified via email if the workshop has been canceled due to low attendance and they will be asked to re-schedule for a future workshop.

Degree Works training workshops are held in the CSC Seminar Room, now located in the Development and Services Building (DSB). The DSB (formerly the CIS Classroom Building - CSCB) is located next door to the CSC. Access to the CSC Seminar Room is on the north side of the building - basement level.

Click to view campus map - #18 on the campus map.

Class participants who do not have a campus parking pass should obtain a free Visitor Parking Pass from Parking Services prior to class. Or, the instructor can obtain parking passes if requested at least 2 days prior to class. Please note that food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom with the exception of bottled water that can be re-sealed.