What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is the University's web-based degree audit tool that facilitates real-time monitoring of student's academic progress toward degree completion. Degree Works will be available in Spring 2014 to new students who enter USA or current students with catalog year 2012-2013 forward. Degree Works combines USA's degree requirements and students' completed coursework in an easy-to-read color-coded checklist format that helps you see how completed courses count towards the declared program of study. Degree Works also clearly displays what requirements are still outstanding to help students finish their degree requirements on time.

Since there are often multiple ways of completing the same program, students and their advisors will be able to see what the options are, as well as suggest and validate the "what if" scenarios. This will help students choose the path that's right for them and still complete the required elements of their program. Degree Works allows you to see a student's degree program and how coursework is currently being applied. It also allows you to check degree progress, work with the student to plan future courses, and review course history. Degree Works also allows you to run "what if" scenarios to see how changing a student's current academic program (adding/deleting/changing majors, minors, etc.) will affect degree progress. Other tools include an educational planner, GPA calculators, and much more.

Benefits of Degree Works for USA:

Important Note: Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions, the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin, or the Office of the Registrar. Degree Works is neither an official academic transcript nor an official notification of completion of degree requirements.


Degree Works On-Campus Workshops

The Registrar's Office offers Degree Works training sessions. To view a list of upcoming workshops, click here.

These sessions offer faculty and staff hands-on assistance with learning the many features and tools provided within Degree Works.

The Computer Services Center seminar room is now lacated in the first floor of the development building. The development building is located between the main computer center and faculty court west.

Click to view campus map - The Computer Services Center is #23 on the campus map and Faculty Court West is #40.

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Degree Works Laptop

Degree Works Online Training Modules

Traning Modules are now online to assist faculty and staff with learning about Degree Works. These modules can be accessed at any time and provide a convienent way to learn about Degree Works.

To access our online training material, click here.

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