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      The Legislative Branch of the SGA is the Student Senate. The Senate formulates SGA policy in accordance with the constitution and makes the laws of the SGA. In addition the Senate provides a forum for the discussion of university-wide issues ever Monday night at 8:00 PM in the Dining Hall Fresh Food Company conference room.
      SGA Elections are held during Spring Semester every year. The SGA Senate is composed of students elected from every college and division on the basis of the percentage of students enrolled in each respectively. The Senate elects a President Pro-Tem from within its membership who supervises the senate committees and presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice President. Senators are required to participate in at least one special committee, may also participate in a standing committee, and are required to complete two Senate Projects.



Daniel Currie | Advertising & Brand Communication

Senate Clerk



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Molly Miller | General Studies




About Me: My name is Molly Miller. I’ve grown up in Mobile and I decided to continue my studies here at South Alabama. I am now a sophomore. This is my first year on SGA at USA and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this opportunity.


Ravi Rajendra | Marine Biology/Pre-med

Freshman-at-Large, FYC President



About Me:

It gives me great pride to represent the freshman class at the University of South Alabama as Freshman-at-Large this year. I’m from Montgomery, Alabama, and over the next four years, I will be studying marine biology. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan on attending medical school with the goal of becoming a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. I am currently a member of AED, the Biology Student Association, and the Honors Program. I also strive to be the loudest person in the student section of Jag sporting events. GO JAGS!!! In my free time, I enjoy photography, gardening, and running. I love South, and I want to help the administration in providing the best experience possible for all Jags – especially freshmen Jags. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, then please feel free to shoot me an email!



Trey Davis | Pre-Physical Therapy

Allied Health Senator



About Me: Hello! I am a Sophomore from Tuscaloosa, AL. I am currently the VP of Men of Excellence, a member of the AASA, and the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.. I was a member of FYC last year. I look forward to having a great year serving the student body by making this campus a better place to learn and grow.


Josef Hobdy | Biomedial Science

Allied Health Senator, Rules Chair



About Me: Hello! I am a Biomedical Science major from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I plan to attend medical school after the completion of undergraduate to become a surgeon. I have held numerous leadership roles on campus such as: Southbound Orientation Leader and a Southerner. I amalso a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and other student organizations. I look forward to another great year with SGA. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to e-mail me. GO JAGS!


Skyla Jones | Biomedical Sciences

Allied Health Senator



About Me: Hello! I am a Sophomore from Tuscaloosa, AL. My future endeavor after college is to attend medical school. I am a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, ABK Honor Society, and STAT. This is my first year on SGA and I am looking forward to a great year. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact me by email anytime.


Kristian Kilpatrick | Biomedical Sciences

Allied Health Senator



About Me: Hello! I am a Senior from Montgomery, AL. I am a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Aftre graduating, I plan on attending medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to give me a shout.


Coleman Wolf | Professional Health Science

Allied Health Senator, Senate Pro-Tempore



About Me: I moved to South Alabama from Scottsboro back in 2009. As a Professional Health Science major I hope to help people receive better care when they visit a hospital. I have also been involved with many different student groups while at South. I have served as a Senator, Chief Justice, Vice President, and currently Senate Pro-Tempore. These roles in the SGA have helped me to learn how to become a better leader. My involvement in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has shaped me to be a better man. From these organizations I have learned a great deal about South so if you need any help please feel free to contact me at anytime.



Peter Daigle | Political Science

Arts & Sciences Senator



About Me: Hello, my name is Peter Daigle and I am one of your senators for the College of Arts and Sciences. During my time at South Alabama I have been a member of many student organizations such as: Student Sustainability Council, Secular Student Alliance, and the USA Political Science Club. I draw inspiration from each one of these organizations. In early 2012 I founded the USA Political Science Club and served as President for a little over a year. In that time I learned what it takes to be an effective student leader. If you ever have a suggestion or complaint you have my ear... so please send me a message!


Ashley Ford | Chemistry

Arts & Sciences Senator



About Me: Hello, My name is Ashley Ford and I am a chemistry major striving to attend medical school. I am a sophomore here at south and I absolutely love serving others. It is a pleasure to be serving my fellow jags this year on SGA Senate. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for me you are more than welcome to e-mail me!


Nick Frazier | Political Science/Economics

Arts & Sciences Senator, Legal Affairs Chair



About Me: I am a fun person once you get to know me and I love being around people. My ambission is to become a US Senator. If you see me on campus don't hesitate to speak. I will be seeing you around so i'll holla!


Justine Harris | Biology/Pre-Med

Arts & Sciences Senator, Homecoming Chair



About Me: I am the corresponding secretary and PR chair of Phi Mu Fraternity. I am the Treasurer of the Biology Student Assoc. I am also a member of AED. My future career goal is to be a pediatric surgeon.


Kaine O'Neal | Biology/Pre-Med

Arts & Sciences Senator, Govt Affairs Chair



About Me: Hello, this is my second year as a Senator on SGA. It has been a true honor. I am a proud brother of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. I hope to become an infectious disease specialist (MD) one day and perhaps work for the CDC.


Alex Owen | Geology

Arts & Sciences Senator



About Me: Member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, Vice President of Academics on IFC, and a strong supporter of Jag Football.


Courtnie Wood | Fine Arts

Arts & Sciences Senator



About Me: I am a Junior and love South! I have three dogs that I love and adore. I love spending time with my friends, going to the movies, going to the mall, going to the beach, and anything out of the house. I also LOVE food. It is the best thing ever. I am excited to be a part of SGA and would love to hear your suggestions.




Emily Jerkins | Economics and Finance

Business Senator, FYC Director



About Me: Hello Jags! My name is Emily Jerkins, and I am a Junior majoring in Economics and Finance with a Concentration in Economics. Growing up in Bay Minette, AL, I have spent most of my life near the great city of Mobile. On-campus, I am a Southerner and Senior JagPAL (Peer Academic Leader). During my personal time, I enjoy anything outdoors, shopping, trying new foods, and taking on new challenges!


Hayden Welford | Marketing

Business Senator



About Me: Hello, I am 21 years old from Mississippi. I am a Resident Assistant here at USA and currently the President of Sigma Chi Fraternity.




Micah Messer | Computer & Information Systems

Computing Senator



About Me: Micah Messer was born on September 23, 1993 to Katrina and Stephen Messer. After graduating high school, he began to attend the University of South Alabama studying Computer and Information Systems. In the spring of 2013, Micah Messer ran for SGA Senate and took home the victory for the second seat for the School of Computing. As a member of ROTC, SGA, and the SoC, he strives to improve the experience of every single student at the University of South Alabama. Micah also has played soccer for thirteen years, played guitar for seven, played drums for ten, and piano for a year. He has won multiple awards including his favorite, Christian Leadership Award 2011-2012, during his senior year.  He is also a very talented photographer and videographer.


Jacob Taylor | Information Systems

Computing Senator, Web Chair



About Me: Hello! I am a Senior and a Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary. I am also a Resident Assistant. I like to hang out with friends, tinker with technology, go on adventures, and genuinely like to help others. This is my second term serving as a School of Computing Senator. My recent Senate Projects have been: a sidewalk from Meisler to Life Sciences, widening the turns off Jaguar Drive into Shelby Hall's parking lot, restriping and adding glass beads to speed bumps, and installing furniture over at Shelby Hall's patio area. I have served on the By-Laws, Homecoming, Rules, Student Affairs, and Web Committees. This past year I was the recipient of the 2012-2013 USA President's Award and the 2012-2013 USA Emerging Leader Award. This past Summer I served as the Student Affairs Committee Chair and brought up changes of the residential parking lot of Delta and Stokes.



Mary Gillespie | Exercise Science

Education Senator



About Me: I am a sorority member of Phi Mu. I have two on-campus jobs with Sports Medicine and Athletic Academic Services. Along with being a Jagette for our football team... GO JAGS! I am also a member of Phi Eta Sigma, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Kappa Delta Pi, the College of Republicans, STAT, and the Tennis club.


Kyle Taylor | Exercise Science

Education Senator, Student Affairs Chair



About Me: Hello, I am 22 years old and a Senior from Pratville, AL. I work at O'Dailys Irish Pub and a Personal Trainer at the USA Rec Center. I am also a member of Kappa Sigma.


Brandi Womack | Exercise Science

Education Senator



About Me: My name is Brandi Womack. I am an Exercise Science major from Cantonment, FL. I plan on attending doctorate school to become a Physical Therapist. This is my second term serving with SGA. I like reading and cooking when I am not studying.If you have any question please do not hesitate to send me an email. 



Hannah Fabbro | Civil Engineering

Engineering Senator



About Me: This year I will be a senior in the College of Engineering. I am a proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi and the Vice President of the Society of American Military Engineers. I am from Pensacola, Florida where I enjoy scuba diving and boating in the Gulf.  


Bradley Harris | Chemical Engineering

Engineering Senator, Appropriations Chair



About Me: I am a rising sophomore who is very driven and active in campus activity. As a second term senator for the college of engineering, my hopes are to further improve your experience over at our Shelby Hall. If you have any suggestions for improvements please feel free to email me.




Senitra Crutchfield | Nursing

Nursing Senator


About Me: Hello my name is Senitra Crutchfield and I am a Sophomore here at USA. I am from Tuscaloosa, AL and I am a Resident Assistant on campus.


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