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USA Student Center
  Mission Statement
  The Role of the Student Center
  Student Employment

The overall role of the Building Manager is to meet the needs of the USA Student Center guests. They are responsible for the general supervision of the Student Center and the events taking place within, and represent the Assistant Director and Associate Dean in their absence on evenings and weekends. The Building Manager is responsible for assisting other Student Center staff; building security; event management; emergency procedures; preparing room set-ups, including all audio-visual, and maintaining cleanliness of the Student Center.


The Information Desk is the first area most guests see. It is important to uphold strong customer service standards for dress, greetings, phone calls, and expedient customer response. Responsible for vending machine reimbursements and a good working knowledge of campus, current and upcoming events, and support the building manager as needed.


Computer Lab Assistants are responsible for providing assistance to USA Students seeking technical help with computer/printer related issues. Perform basic computer trouble shooting and printer maintenance.  Computer Lab Assistants also maintain a clean work area for students and support Jag Card assistants as necessary.


Jag Card Assistants are responsible for providing great customer service, data entry, cashier reporting, and answering inquiries about the Jag Card. Perform basic computer trouble shooting and printer maintenance and will support the Computer Lab Assistants as necessary.

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