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ManageMyID is being replaced with a new site called Get Funds. If you currently have a registered account on ManageMyID, then your account will be automatically converted to Get Funds the first time you log into Get Funds. The ManageMyID website will also redirect you to the new Get Funds website. Please contact the Jag Card Office if you have any questions.

What is GET Funds?
Get Funds is a secure service providing students, faculty and staff with online account management capabilities. Privacy and security settings are used when users login to the site. Features of this program include:

  1. View balance inquiries: Account balances can be displayed in real time.
  2. Check transaction history: Transaction histories may be displayed for up to the past six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date and time, location, account, type of transaction and transaction amount.
  3. Report cards lost, found or stolen: Log onto Get Funds to submit a lost card report, immediately removing all spending privileges from the card.
  4. Make online deposits: Students, guests (e.g. parents), faculty and staff may deposit money to their Jag Cash account via credit card or debit card from the convenience of their own computers.
  5. View off-campus merchants accepting Jag Cash.
Minimum Deposit Amount
A minimum deposit of $25 is required for all online transactions.

Convenience Fee
There is a convenience fee of $0.25 per online transaction.

Click to check balances or add Jag Cash

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